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Photography and Videography

We are now accepting applications for the 2024/2025 academic year

Start Date: September

Location: Prince of Wales Campus

Length: 1 Year

Credential: Certificate, Photography and Videography

Program Availability: Fall 2024 Term

Canadian Applicants

International Applicants

The Photography and Videography program will provide you with a solid foundation in digital imaging and videography, and is ideal for photography and videography enthusiasts regardless of their skill level. Our student-to-instructor ratio ensures that you have plenty of one on one guidance from your instructor.

You will learn everything from photography basics in lighting, exposure, and composition to capturing and editing video, mastering Photoshop, designing a portfolio and developing creative visual content for online and traditional platforms. You will fine-tune your skills in a professional on-site studio environment as well as indoor and outdoor locations around P.E.I.

The program features two large well-equipped studios, an equipment room housing a variety of camera systems, lenses, lighting, video accessories and backgrounds, a multi-station digital lab with Macintosh computers, scanners, printers and Adobe software such as Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere Pro, and a dedicated space for custom framing and other finishing work.

Guest photographers and other industry specialists enhance your educational experience by exploring different creative styles and points of view, and field excursions provide an opportunity to photograph some of the most iconic locations on Prince Edward Island.

While in this program, you may take on projects for private clients, which will give you even more valuable practical experience.

This program is located in the Charlottetown Centre. Take a virtual tour.

  • Grade 12 or equivalent with credits at or above the general level
  • Résumé


2023/2024 Academic Year

Tuition, fees, and other costs are listed in Canadian dollars. International tuition includes the International Student Fee.

1 Year



Tuition $4,450 $9,550
Fees $2,027 $2,777
Other Costs $2,075-$5,825* $2,075-$5,825*
Total $8,552-$12,302 $14,402-18,152

*Other costs vary depending on the cost of the camera you purchase. View the list of acceptable cameras here.


Canadian Cost Breakdown

Tuition & Fees

1 Year

Tuition $4,450
Lab fees $1,230
Student Union $172
Health Insurance Fee $445
Fitness Centre $80
Graduation fee  $100
     Subtotal $6,477
1st installment due September 5 $3,622
2nd installment due January 8 $2,855

Other Estimated Costs

Book $275
Material & supplies (includes portfolio case and portable hard drive) $500
Camera - view the list of acceptable cameras here. $1,300-5,050
Subtotal $2,075-$5,825
Total $8,552 - $12,302

International Cost Breakdown

Tuition & Fees

1 Year

Tuition* $9,550
Lab fees $1,230
Student Union $172
Health Insurance Fee $1,195
Fitness Centre $80
Graduation fee  $100
     Subtotal $12,327
1st installment due September 5 $9,472
2nd installment due January 8 $2,855

Other Estimated Costs

Book $275
Material & supplies (includes portfolio case and portable hard drive $500
Camera - view the list of acceptable cameras here. $1,300-$5,050
     Subtotal $2,075-$5,825
Total $14,402 - $18,152

*Includes the International Student Fee.

  • Content creators for social media
  • Photography studios
  • Photography/videographer intern
  • Portrait and wedding photography
  • Editorial, commercial or industrial photography
  • Assistant photographer
  • Digital lab technician
  • Photoshop™ technician
  • Self-employment

Course Code

Course Name & Description

Credit Values

Course Code:SAFE-1005

PEI Occupational Health and Safety

An overview of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Prince Edward Island. Students examine the legislation, how PEI employees are protected while on the job and the responsibilities of employees and employers.

Credit Values:0

Course Code:PHOT-1000

Photography Fundamentals

Create images featuring a variety of subjects and,locations based on the following key learning,principles; depth of field manipulation, focusing,and motion control, lighting techniques, the,fundamentals of composition and digital,photo-editing. Learned to both create and,critique images in a meaningful and professional,manner.


Course Code:PHOT-1015

Composition and Design

Explore the history of photography, graphic,design basics and develop an understanding of the,principles of composition and current,photographic trends. Learn to critically analize,images in both a technical and creative way.


Course Code:PHOT-1025

Digital Imaging

Learn to use image editing software in an,in-depth and effective way including basic,compositing, retouching and preparing images for,printing. Learn the concepts of colour theory and,how to confidently and creatively use a,professional quality photo scanner.


Course Code:PHOT-1035

Location Photography

Learn how to work with and to adapt to varying,conditions outside of the studio environment,including mixed lighting situations, inconsistent,colour and low light levels. Explore advanced,camera and exposure solutions using off camera,flash and portable studio systems.


Course Code:PHOT-1045

Studio Photography

Use a variety of studio lighting equipment with,light shaping tools and accessories. Learn how to,control scene contrast, ratios and depth of field,while maintaining a multi-user studio. Experience,working with live models and small groups as well,as inanimate objects in a still life or product,arrangement.


Course Code:PHOT-2040

Advanced Photoshop Technique

Explore the creative process and learn the,technical considerations and skill sets required,for professional level image control. Develop,advanced retouching, photo restoration and,compositing skills.


Course Code:PHOT-2045

Audio/Video Capture

Develop the skills of audio and video capture by,learning the basics including storyboarding,,stabilization, camera movements and focussing, as,well as framing, lighting, and audio capture.


Course Code:PHOT-2055

Video Production

Explore professional video editing software.,Learn how to import, backup and organize footage,and sound files. Discover how to cut clips for,maximum impact and to select music or soundtrack,to compliment visuals. Produce video compatible,to selected medium.


Course Code:PHOT-2065

Visual Content Creation

Learn to use social media to effectively advance,and promote creative endeavors for various,audiences. Create compelling visual content and,learn how to compose appropriate captions,,descriptions and keywords to support photographs,and videos. Explore multiple platforms and learn,how each are managed.


Course Code:PORT-2050

Portfolio Development

Assemble a customizable print/digital portfolio,which may be used to showcase work to potential,employers, clients and collaborators. Explore,creative image ideas, perfect the sequence of,images and fill potential gaps in the content.,Discuss and apply business concepts such as self,promotion, resume writing, pricelist design,,contracts, business cards and branding, quoting,and estimating.


Photography and Videography background image Photography and Videography background image Photography and Videography background image

From Day 1, we were fully immersed in all things photography. Having a small class made it easier to connect with one another, and also get the one-on-one time we needed with our instructor. The department was a perfect place to practice creativity, and the studio was always stocked with everything we needed. I went into the program with high hopes, and left feeling prepared for anything that comes my way. From starting our own business to working for creative agencies, we were given both the practical knowledge of photo and video and also the ethics and capabilities to make it in our field of choice. 

Hannah, Class of 2021


Fundamental Arts

Study Fundamental Arts & develop your skills as an artist with this 1-year certificate. Courses in art history, drawing, design, animation, & digital photography help you build your portfolio and prepare for a career in the arts.

Graphic Design

The 2-year Graphic Design program prepares you for the excitement and challenges of a job in design. Study creative problem solving, Illustration, typography, web design, print/ pre-press, UI/UX & more. Through exposure to a wide variety of ideas, projects, and technology and media, you will create a portfolio and develop skills that will benefit you throughout your career.

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