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Graphic Design Portfolio Requirements

Do not copy work from other sources for your portfolio. We want to see YOUR creative interpretation of these projects. Your portfolio will be scored out of 100 points. To be approved, you must score at least 60 points.

  1. Logo (hand-drawn)

    Value: 10 points
    Create an original logo for “Marsupial Sanctuary”. Your solution must include the company name and a logomark (a symbolic image or icon). Black ink only, no colour.

  2. Expressive Typography (hand-drawn)

    Value: 10 points
    Hand-letter your name in full colour in a way that says something about you using styles that reflect your personality or qualities. Your full name, first name, or nickname are all acceptable.

  3. Poster Design (digital or hand-drawn)

    Value: 20 points
    Design a full-colour 12” x 18” poster promoting an event in your area. Pick something of interest to you. You can use event information from a real event or make up the details (dates, time, location, contact information, URL).

  4. T-Shirt Design (digital or hand-drawn)

    Value: 20 points
    Create a T-shirt design for Anna Howard Shaw Day. Required text: “Anna Howard Shaw Day”, “February 14th". Use two colours in your design, solid colours only, no gradients. To show context and scale, display your design on a T-Shirt. The colour of the shirt is up to you.

  5. Original Work

    Value: 20 points
    Submit three original works you have created in the past year. Your original work could include, but is not limited to:
    • figure drawings
    • perspective drawings
    • drawings from observation
    • original character design
    • traditional art, painting, sculpture
    • digital art
    • graphic design
  1. Essay

    Value: 10 points
    Write a 400- to 500-word statement describing what you would like to gain from this program and what you would like to do in this field or industry once you graduate. Please format for 8.5” x 11” paper.

  2. Presentation

    Value: 10 points
    Your portfolio will be rated based on the presentation of your work. To achieve the highest mark, your portfolio should be well organized and easy to access.

How to Submit your Portfolio

When you have completed the required projects, take clear, well-lit images or scans your hand-drawn work and create a digital portfolio of all your digital work. Free online resources such as carbonmade.com, wix.com, or portfolio.adobe.com can serve as the home for your portfolio images and descriptions.

Make sure your portfolio is well organized and that you include descriptions of each piece. Alternatively, feel free to send a multiple-page PDF. Do not send hard copies of your portfolio. Please send your completed portfolio to the Admissions department using this email address: info@hollandcollege.com. Use “Graphic Design Portfolio” as your subject line.

If you have any additional questions regarding the portfolio, please contact Graphic Design learning manager Michael Thomas: mcthomas@hollandcollege.com