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Sheriff and Public Safety Officer Courses

PEI Occupational Health and Safety

An overview of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Prince Edward Island. Students examine the legislation, how PEI employees are protected while on the job and the responsibilities of employees and employers.

Hours: 0
Course Code: SAFE-1005

Crisis Intervention and De-escalation

Participants learn to use the Crisis Intervention and De-escalation (CID) Model and apply techniques to effectively de-escalate crisis situations, specifically those incidents involving intervention in a mental health crisis. This blended course consists of online learning activities through the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN), classroom training, as well as scenario based training.

Hours: 15
Course Code: CRES-1000

Ethics and Professionalism

The purpose of this course is to examine and practice ethical and professional behaviors to prepare students for making ethical choices in public safety careers. Students are required to produce and follow a personal code of ethics and to exhibit behaviors and values that are consistent with the expectations of industry and the public.

Hours: 9
Course Code: PROF-1050

Defensive Driving and Traffic Control

This course provides the student with enhanced driving skills to assist them in their work and everyday driving. Students complete the driving course which covers defensive driving skills, controlled responses, skid control techniques, emergency stopping techniques. Students are also shown how to operate speed measurement devices (Radar), as well as the prescribed method for directing traffic (vehicle and pedestrian), and performing vehicle stops. Students practice these skills on the driving track to industry standards.

Hours: 60
Course Code: SHER-14350

Fitness and Lifestyle

This course is designed to prepare students for the Sheriff and Public Safety Officer professions and the various physical tests that are required. Students learn and are challenged to lead a healthy lifestyle by improving their fitness level and nutrition.

Hours: 45
Course Code: SHER-14360

Control Tactics

In this course students develop skills and knowledge in defensive and control tactics, which prepares them to evaluate and react in situations requiring use of force. In addition, students receive training in the tactics and use of devices to ensure officer safety.

Hours: 60
Course Code: SHER-14370

Judgmental Scenario Training

This course is designed to increase officer safety as well as the ability of an officer to respond appropriately to specific threats, including lethal force. This course helps to develop decision making skills along with the ability to effectively respond to threats, including those that are likely to cause bodily harm or death to those involved.

Hours: 30
Course Code: SHER-14375

Courthouse Operations

This course provides students with many of the skills that are required of Sheriffs and Public Safety Officers as they pertain to courthouse operations. Students are familiarized with court decorum and the various courthouse security related duties of Sheriffs. Laws and regulations surrounding searches, methods of conducting searches, preservation of evidence, and protection of crime scenes are also covered.

Hours: 45
Course Code: SHER-14600

Criminal Law

This course examines the Canadian Criminal Justice System and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, their impact on Canadian society and their relationship to the role of the Security Enforcement Officer. Students are prepared to effectively use the Criminal Code in the execution of their duties. Students also examine a citizen's power of arrest and a peace officer's power of arrest, search and seizure authorities, documentation required, and preparation for presentation in a court of law.

Hours: 60
Course Code: SHER-14620

Firearms Proficiency and Tactical Training

This course incorporates firearms safety, marksmanship and tactical training. Following the entry-level safety training, students proceed to skills development and tactical development. Students must qualify at each stage before proceeding to the next. Standard issue firearms are utilized in the live-fire training portion of this course.

Hours: 60
Course Code: SHER-14631

Social Psychology

This course introduces the discipline of social psychology with an emphasis on practical issues in law enforcement. Students learn about causes of human behavior, including abnormal behaviors, and how they impact society. Culture, strategies for dealing with stress, recognition of abuse, and attending to the needs of victims are central themes.

Hours: 90
Course Code: SHER-14655

Security Operations

Students are introduced to concepts and techniques related to performing security operations for a variety of roles. Topics include observation techniques, professionalism, public relations, airport security, and crowd control. Students also learn methods of protecting a crime scene, as well as techniques used when searching for explosive devices.

Hours: 30
Course Code: SHER-14700


This course is designed to allow students to enhance their written and verbal communication skills for the workplace. Emphasis is placed on developing writing skills, with students having their writing evaluated in a variety of assignments focusing on syntax (proper word order), grammar, punctuation and diction (word clarity, effectiveness and precision). Oral presentation skills and career preparation activities, including resumes, coverletters, and job interviews are also covered in this course.

Hours: 30
Course Code: SHER-14720

On the Job Training (OJT)

On-the-Job Training provides the student with an opportunity to put into practice and enhance the skills and knowledge gained throughout the program. In addition, students may gain new skills and knowledge. Students are expected to complete the duties assigned to them by the On-the-Job placement site.

Hours: 240
Course Code: SHER-16105