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Integrated Technology Services (ITS) provides infrastructure and IT support to the entire college community. We have staff on the Prince of Wales Campus, the Summerside Waterfront Campus and in the Tourism and Culinary Centre to provide technology services to college locations across P.E.I.

From our centralized service desk in the Centre for Applied Sciences and Technology on the Prince of Wales Campus, our staff provide the infrastructure and support for computing services, audio visual, administrative systems, and web development.


Winter Hours:
(Day after Labour Day to Victoria Day in May)
Daily Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Summer Hours:
(From the day after Victoria Day in May to Labour Day)
Daily Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Tel: 902-566-9689


For Current Staff and Students at Holland College you have 2 possible passwords to manage in order to access most systems/applications at Holland College:

  1. Active Directory
    1. issued automatically via email once a student is successfully registered. It provides current students access to all services including WebAdvisor, Email, WiFi, network drives, SAM, Office 365, etc.)
  2. WebAdvisor
    1. issued during the application process and provides access to WebAdvisor (only) for prospective and graduated students – not currently registered students

Staff passwords expire and need to be changed every 12 months. Student passwords do not expire.



  1. Staff and students can reset their AD password from anywhere with Internet access, provided they have registered alternate contact information (cell phone number and/or email address) on Microsoft’s “Self-Service Password Reset” (SSPR) website.

    IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend that all staff and students take the time to register an alternate email address and/or a mobile phone number with this Microsoft SSPR service.

  2. If you are having problems resetting your password using the SSPR service online, please contact the Integrated Technology Services department at 902-566-9689 during regular business hours for assistance.

    NOTE: For verification purposes – you must provide the following information when you call:

    • home address
    • phone number
    • the last 3 (3) digits of your social insurance number
    • or, if you are on premise – show your HollPass or Student Photo ID card.



Go to https://webadvisor.hollandcollege.com and follow the link “What’s my Password”. Follow the instructions on that webpage and you can have a new password emailed to the personal email you provided when you applied/registered to Holland College. If there are any issues, you must contact the ITS Department.


IMPORTANT: Please note that a student MUST have successfully REGISTERED into their courses at Holland College before they can log into any computer/system at the College.

Within 1 full business day (24 hours) after registering for courses, Integrated Technology Services will send the Holland College username/password combination to the students’ HOME email account. They can log into any computer at Holland College and should have access to their personal network drive (F:\), as well as the items listed below:


If students are having problems logging into the Holland College network for the first time, the three most common reasons are:

  • they have not completed the registration process.
  • they have completed the registration process but have not waited the 6 to 24 hours for the user account to become active.
  • they may not have checked their home email address for the new password from the ITS Department (which is emailed to their home address after successfully completing registration).

If a student cannot successfully login, they should refer to the Password Management section above for further instructions.



All staff and currently registered students

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