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The need for a skilled workforce has never been more prevalent than it is in today’s ever-evolving economy. Holland College continues to work with industry partners to ensure students are prepared to hit the ground running when they graduate. This means it is critical that instructors and students have classrooms and labs that replicate real-world environments, utilize current resources for applied learning, and have the capacity to deliver innovative programming.

Monetary donations and gifts-in-kind in this area are critical to allow us to expand our offerings and to help meet industry needs while ensuring our students are leaders in their chosen profession and ready for what lies ahead. The Holland College Foundation gratefully accepts donations of tools and equipment, machinery, and other resources as gifts-in-kind. To learn more about teaching and learning enrichment, contact Sheila Driscoll.


In addition to the personal satisfaction you will derive from making a gift, the Holland College Foundation proudly recognizes and celebrates its donors in various ways, and there are tax benefits as well.

In general, individual donors receive federal tax credits equal to 15 per cent of the first $200 given to registered charities in a taxation year and 29 per cent for amounts in excess of $200, up to $200,000. Provincial tax credits also apply, providing a significant combined tax benefit.

To learn more about making a gift contact us at foundation@hollandcollege.com