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Legacy gifts to the Holland College Foundation ensure that the students of today and  tomorrow achieve their full potential. Gifts change lives by helping students pursue their passions and fulfil their educational career aspirations.

A legacy gift can support financial aid, student emergency relief, capital projects, teaching and learning resources, innovative programming and new technologies, athletics, wellness, and more. Your gift to the Holland College Foundation can transform students, families, and communities in remarkable ways.

The flexibility to designate your donation of any size to support an area of Holland College that you care about makes it even more meaningful.

Planned Giving

Consider designating a gift to the Holland College Foundation in your will. Your gift can positively impact students and their success for generations to come. The gift can include cash, securities, retirement funds, real estate, or other property.  Adding a philanthropic component to your estate planning can result in significant tax savings while leaving a lasting legacy in your community. To learn more about planned giving, we recommend speaking with your financial advisor, and we invite you to contact Gloria Wooldridge.

Life Insurance

If you want to make a lasting contribution to Holland College while ensuring your family is looked after, consider a gift of life insurance. Donating life insurance is a tax-preferred charitable giving option. There are many ways to do this:

  • Make the Holland College Foundation the beneficiary.
    Under this option, the Holland College Foundation would receive the policy’s death benefit proceeds, and the insured’s estate would receive a tax receipt for the full amount of insurance proceeds.
  • Make the Holland College Foundation the owner and beneficiary.
    Under this option, the insured designates and transfers ownership to, and designates the Holland College Foundation as the beneficiary. A donation receipt based primarily on the cash surrender value of the policy is issued, and all future premiums paid by the insured are considered charitable donations.

A life annuity can also be used or part of a charitable gift plan, which can allow a donor to make a significant gift without impacting their income needs. To learn more about these and other tax-preferred options, we recommend you speak with your financial advisor, and we invite you to contact Jo-Ann Campbell-Boutilier at the Holland College Foundation. 

Memorial and Tribute Giving

Making a gift as a tribute to someone who has been important in your life is a special way to honour their legacy, keep their memory alive, and share the story of someone who has been meaningful to you with future generations. Many opportunities available to Holland College students are created and sustained by such gifts. To learn more about memorial and tribute giving contact Gloria Wooldridge at the Holland College Foundation.


You may want to see your scholarship, bursary, or award, or other special gift funded in perpetuity. Endowments are invested and managed by the Holland College Foundation and generate interest. Distributions are made through a payout currently equivalent to 4.8% annually.  A minimum investment of $10,000 is required to establish an endowment. To learn more about establishing an endowment, we invite you to contact Jo-Ann Campbell-Boutilier.

The Holland College Foundation is a member of LEAVE A LEGACY, a group established to create awareness about gift planning and the importance of thoughtful, well-planned, tax-preferred gifts for both donors and communities.