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Office of Retention, Part-Time Study & Career Services

We are here to support students in their educational and professional pursuits by offering access to strategic academic support, academic advising and career preparation.  

Academic Advising/ Part-Time Study
If you would like to improve your study skills, discuss available academic supports, explore program delivery options, or you are struggling academically, don’t wait, contact us today.

We can:

Career Planning
Who you are, your values, interests and preferences will all factor in choosing a strong career pathway. If you want to explore career options or enhance your employability skills, we can help you prepare.

We can:

Finding Part-Time Employment

We can help you prepare to find a part-time job. For more information, visit this page.

Contact us!

Joanne d’Entremont, Coordinator: Academic Advising and Part-Time Study

Susan Shaw, Coordinator: Internship and Graduate Placements

Haley Doherty, Employment and Career Advisor

Gaylene Carragher, Director