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Former Hurricanes player to cook for Prime Minister

October 4, 2018

Former Holland Hurricanes women’s soccer player, Chef Lucy B. Morrow, of Charlottetown, has been selected as one of eight Canadian chefs to partake in the opening dinner for the Fortune Global Forum 2018 on October 15 in Toronto, Ontario.

Lucy has been invited to prepare a signature dish to showcase local Maritime flavours at this event, the first time it has been held in Canada.

Lucy’s dish, a scallop and lobster dumpling served in a preserved mussel dashi broth, promotes local products in a progressive manner. The Asian influence in the dish is evident, and it is a nod to the growing diversity of the region.

“It’s pretty cool to have the chance to put on for the east coast on the global stage”, Lucy says, acknowledging the rare opportunity to represent Prince Edward Island to some of the world’s most influential business and political leaders.

At just 25 years old, Lucy is quickly proving herself as a predominant figure in the Canadian culinary landscape. With focus and patience, Chef Lucy is inspiring community connection and environmental awareness with an evolving menu at Terre Rouge Restaurant in Charlottetown, PE.

Growing up in a rural area, Chef Lucy B. Morrow lived the philosophy of farm-to-table dining. Before a career in culinary was ever a thought, Lucy was surrounded by some of Canada’s most rugged and raw beauty on the south shore of Nova Scotia.

Bouncing around the historical areas of Lunenburg, Bridgewater and Halifax was inadvertently developing her creativity in the kitchen – long-standing traditions of fishing and farming are an essential fabric of the provincial economy. She recalls breakfast with her two older brothers, sitting down at a table made from chopped wood from the family property, eating Sweetwood Farm’s bacon – a product of a pig they raised.

Before she skipped over into the Culinary Institute of Canada at Holland College on two scholarships, Lucy was attending university in Sackville, New Brunswick – on two scholarships for a math degree. Lucy’s natural athletic inclination led her from being voted MVP for a division one soccer team, to being a starting player for Mount Allison University in her freshman year, to playing at the national level with the Holland College Hurricanes.

She believes this is where she developed her respect for not just strong teamwork, but inspired leadership and respect for strategic execution. She continued her soccer career with Holland College before graduating amongst the top of her class in 2014.

Inspired by the abundance of local produce, seafood, and other products – Lucy recognized that Prince Edward Island was the perfect place to begin practicing her food ethos. In the era of big box shopping and fast-service convenience, PEI still manages to maintain a relatively strong focus on supporting local producers. Lucy loves developing personal relationships with the island suppliers, whose offerings she believes to be truly world class.

Lucy’s food has garnered acclaim for its composition and efforts in reducing food wastage. Her creative employment of food preparation techniques like dehydrating, pickling, preserving has married east coast tradition with modern, kitchen punk aesthetic. She has enjoyed the last two years at the helm of Terre Rouge, updating a well-known concept to include some international influence. Lucy draws a lot of culinary inspiration from the cooking techniques and flavour profiles of the Middle East, South and East Asia.

Since Lucy arrived in PEI, the local dining scene has made some progressive strides on its own accord. She feels immense pride in not only what PEI dining is, but what it will be. With Lucy firmly establishing her identity, rooted in values of community, support, inclusion and compassion for people and the planet, she is looking forward to a bright future blazing trails for sustainable, ethical, educational & inclusive food ideas.

Event information: http://www.fortuneconferences.com/global-forum-2018/

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