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CSK seeks students and recent graduates for internships

Canada’s Smartest Kitchen, the research arm of The Culinary Institute of Canada, is looking for students and recent graduates who are interested in internship opportunities. CSK has been committed to supporting student learning since its inception more than a dozen years ago and as an NSERC Technology Access Centre offers innovative applied research opportunities in the regional educational network.

As an intern at Canada’s Smartest Kitchen, students work with staff on client projects, participate in business meetings, facility tours, and other off-site events, and participate in product demonstrations in the community. They garner hands-on experience with creative product development in CSK’s industry standard R&D kitchen and laboratory; and develop their communication and professional workplace skills. They also gain experience in the three pillars of CSK: culinary arts, food science, and industry insight. Operations and product development staff provide feedback and mentorship during the students’ internships.

Over the past several months, four Culinary Institute of Canada interns, a Holland College Business Administration student, and a food innovation R&D intern from a CEGEP in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, have been working on a variety of projects alongside the CSK research and development team.

Throughout the calendar year, student intern opportunities emerge through various R&D initiatives. These usually take the form of term positions along with other experiential learning and employment opportunities. The positions are flexible, to ensure that interns can continue their studies. Current students and recent graduates (someone who completed their education within one year) are encouraged to apply for an internship.

For more information, contact csk@hollandcollege.com or 902-566-9674 for details on available placements.

 Canada’s Smartest Kitchen interns (L-R) Mackenzie, a second-year Culinary Institute of Canada student; Rebecca, a recent CIC graduate; Jillian, a second year CIC student; Adam, a third year CEGEP student; and Sahil, a second year Holland College Business Administration OJT student. The sixth intern, Jun, a second year CIC student, is missing from the picture.

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