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New lottery announced for Charlottetown

Murphy’s Community Centre and the Holland College Hurricanes Football Booster Club are teaming up to present Community Cash, a 50/50 lottery that will take place on a weekly basis, representatives of the two organizations announced during a press conference held today at Murphy’s Community Centre.

The 50/50 draw has the potential to become one of the largest of its kind on the Island, said Mike Redmond, facilities director at Murphy’s Community Centre.

“Players will be able to join the lottery at Murphy’s Pharmacies’ customers around the greater Charlottetown area, and employees of both Murphy’s and Holland College can sign up through a payroll deduction plan. That means the pot could literally be thousands of dollars every week,” he said. “For only $2 a week, people will have a chance to win a substantial amount of cash, while at the same time helping out with the operating costs and programming at the Murphy’s Community Centre and with the operating costs of the Hurricanes Football Club.”

Participants will pay an initial fee of $5 to cover registration and entry into the first draw. Each player is assigned a permanent number when they register. Each week, a number will be drawn from the pool. Provided the player has paid their $2 into the pot that week, they will win 50 per cent of the pot if their number is drawn. If they did not pay the $2 that week, the cash will roll over into the pot for the next week. More information about the Community Cash 50/50 is available online at www.murphyscommunitycentre.com and www.hcfootball.ca. Winning numbers will be published every Saturday on the lottery’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/CommunityCash5050.

The first draw will be held Friday, September 21. Members of the public who wish to participate can do so at Murphy’s Pharmacies in the greater Charlottetown area, at the main office of Murphy’s Community Centre and at Holland College’s Tourism and Culinary Centre located at 4 Sydney Street, Charlottetown. Businesses interested in giving staff the opportunity to participate in the payroll deduction plan for the lottery may contact Mike Redmond, Facility Director, Murphy’s Community Centre by e-mail at mredmond@murphyscommunitycentre.com, or by telephone at (902) 892-1719

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