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College unveils replica of sundial

A replica of a sundial that was presented by Captain Samuel Holland to Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, in 1773 is now on display in the quadrangle of Holland College’s Prince of Wales Campus. 
The original sundial, manufactured by noted 18th century instrument-makers Heath & Wing of London, England, is the earliest signed and dated instrument in Dartmouth College’s King Collection of Scientific Instruments. Although Samuel Holland’s reason for commissioning the sundial is unclear, legend at Dartmouth College is that he presented it as a token of his faith in the newly-formed institution. 
“One of the goals of the campus redevelopment project was to honour the historical significance of the location of the original campus, on land that was deeded to the province for educational purposes back in the early 1800s,” said Mike O’Grady, a vice president at Holland College. 
“The quad in front of the Centre for Applied Science and Technology and Centre for Community Engagement buildings gives students, staff, and the public a pleasant place to relax, eat their lunch, and socialize. The sundial is the centrepiece of the quad, and adds a sense of history.” 
The sundial was reproduced by Tony Moss, of Lindisfarne Sundials, Northumberland, England, with the blessing of Dartmouth College. 
“Tony was recommended to us by an antique instrument restorer in Ohio, who, coincidentally, had conferred with Holland College in the past regarding antique instruments. We were delighted when Tony agreed to come out of retirement to create this reproduction,” O’Grady said. “As if the sundial were not rare enough by virtue of its history and ties to Samuel Holland, there is an error engraved into it that was probably made by an apprentice of Heath & Wing, making it truly unique.” 
In addition to examining the sundial, during regular business hours visitors to the campus can view the Samuel Holland artifacts located in display cabinets in the foyer of the Centre for Applied Science and Technology. The artifacts, many of which were donated by descendants of Samuel Holland, include his desk, a silver candlestick, a drop-leaf table, and books from his collection.

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