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Programs receive Canadian Forces accreditation

Holland College's Primary Care Paramedicine and Electronics Engineering Technology programs are now accredited by the Canadian Forces Subsidized Education Plan for Non-commissioned Members (NCM SEP), giving students the opportunity to receive a full-time salary and have their education and training costs subsidized while they are training, and guaranteeing them a career after graduation.

In order to participate in the NCM SEP, once students have been accepted into either the Primary Care Paramedicine or Electronics Engineering program, they apply to the Canadian Forces. Typically, as a new recruit in NCM SEP, a student attends college during the school year and participates in basic training and on-the-job training during the summer months. The full-time salary includes medical and dental care, as well as vacation time with full pay.

Those who complete Primary Care Paramedicine receive advanced standing as Medical Technicians in addition to their Primary Care Paramedicine certificate from Holland College. Graduates of the Electronics Engineering Technology program, in addition to receiving their diploma from the college, receive advanced standing as an Aerospace Telecommunication and Information Systems Technicians.

NCM SEP students are expected to meet and maintain the academic standards of the college they are enrolled in. After graduating, an NCM SEP student continues with training to bridge their technical education to the military environment. NCM SEP students are required to serve in the Canadian Forces for two months for each month they were in NCM SEP. That usually works out to three to four years. If a student is already attending one of the two programs, they can still participate in the Education Plan by joining the Canadian Forces, at which point their remaining tuition is covered and they receive a salary.

"This Canadian Forces accreditation for subsidized education speaks volumes of the quality education that Holland College provides to students," said Dave Beaton, director of programs at the college. "This is yet another opportunity for our students to gain meaningful employment and develop highly successful careers upon graduation. We are confident that the Canadian Forces will quickly recognize the substantial skill sets that our graduates possess, and they will advance through the ranks quickly."

"On behalf of the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group and the Canadian Defence Academy, I am extremely pleased to include Holland College as one of our NCM SEP partners," said Commodore Daniel MacKeigan, the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group Commander. "NCM SEP is an excellent program that offers subsidized education and an opportunity for students to use their skills beyond their local community by serving Canadians. Holland College has accepted the challenge to prepare these Canadians by providing them a high-quality education. I look forward to meeting Holland College's graduates."

The two-year Electronics Engineering Technology diploma program offers the academic and practical training to meet the needs of the electronics industry as an Engineering Technologist. With a blend of academic content, practical training and experience, learners will develop the required skills to apply electronic principles for circuit design and troubleshooting, to install and service electronic equipment and systems, and to install, operate and service modern electronic and data communications systems. The program is nationally accredited by the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board of the Council of Technicians and Technologists. It leads to a diploma that is recognized across Canada.

The 10-month Primary Care Paramedicine certificate program prepares learners to be an integral part of the health care team working in the field of pre-hospital care. Learners acquire basic life support skills to assess and treat the sick and injured. The Primary Care Paramedicine program delivered by Holland College is accredited by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA).

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