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College pays tribute to exceptional staff

by Sheri Hogan

Three awards given for teaching, leadership, and staff excellence were presented to members of Holland College staff during the College's annual Professional Development Day held recently in Charlottetown.

Presented in accordance with the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC), of which Holland College is a member, these awards are given for specific purposes and are based on specific criteria including commitment, impact on students and community, team work, performance and contribution, creativity and leadership. College staff, co-workers, and students are provided the opportunity to recommend to a Selection Committee, the names of individuals who they feel are most deserving of these special awards.

"The exceptional contribution of these staff members serves as a model of excellence for all staff," commented Alex MacAulay, President of Holland College. "They have given so much of themselves to make the College a better place for our students, staff and community."

Honoring a faculty member who has exhibited consistent excellence in teaching and who has made a significant impact on the personal and academic growth of students is this year's recipient of the Holland College Teaching Excellence Award, Dave Carty. Dave is the Deputy Director of the Justice Institute of Canada and Atlantic Police Academy.

"For many of the hundreds of students that pass through the doors of the Justice Institute, Dave is their first link with the College," commented Dr. Brian McMillan, Vice-President of Programs at the College. "It might be through his attendance at the countless trade shows in Maritime communities, his voice on the phone personally responding to students or their parents, or more recently at one of his combined OJT visits and public information sessions he hosted in off-Island communities. Dave is highly regarded as an instructor for core and in-service programs and is noted for his knowledge and presentation style."

Colleges and institutes have traditionally played a leadership role in the communities they serve. Although the entire institution participates, inevitably, one or two people make an outstanding contribution each year. This year, the recipient of the Holland College Leadership Excellence Award is Barbara Reid, a Learning Manager with the Business Studies Department.

Don Carroll, Program Manager of the College's Business Division, made the presentation to Ms. Reid saying, "Barb continually strives for new ideas and new programming initiatives. She introduced and delivers the joint UPEI/Holland College Certificate program in Human Resource Management, a unique program that was the first formal joint undertaking between the two institutions and which has lead to many other cooperative efforts. She was a key player in developing the Business program curriculum and placing it on Web-CT; she was instrumental in bringing the Practice Firm to the College and the Island; and continues to work with the Atlantic College's Development Institute on issues of professional development."

The Holland College Staff Excellence Award was awarded to Frank Morrison, Co-ordinator of Student Services at Holland College. This award honors a staff member who has made an exceptional contribution within the institution and in the community and serves as a model of excellence for all staff.

"Frank arrived on the Holland College scene in 1974, when he accepted a position as Student Affairs Officer. In a Guardian article of the day announcing his new position, Frank is quoted as saying, 'What I must do at the outset is to set up communication with the students to let them know I'm here for their good.' For 29 years he has been doing just that," commented Joanne MacDonald, Student Development Officer. "His reputation for teamwork and his contribution to his community and the world of recreation he loves so much make him an excellent recipient of this award."

The three Holland College 2003 Excellence Award winners will now have their names forwarded to ACCC in Ottawa for consideration at the national level later this summer.

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