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Employment Offerings

The following is a list of employment offerings at Holland College. All competitions are unrestricted and we would ask all qualified applicants to apply. However, in keeping with the terms and provisions of the college's various employment and collective agreements, priority will be given to internal candidates.

Click the competition number for details.

Open Competitions

Competition Number Title/Description Application Review Date Date Posted
19-25 Subject Matter Expert - Precision Machinist (REPOST) Jun 21, 2019 Jun 14, 2019
19-37 Administrative Support, International Office Jun 21, 2019 Jun 12, 2019
19-19 Learning Manager - HVAC Technology Jun 30, 2019 Mar 29, 2019

Closed Competitions

Competition Number Title/Description Successful Candidate
19-35 Learning Manager, Sheriff and Public Safety Pending
AE19-03 Employment Counsellor, LINC Program Pending
19-34 Administrative Support, Athletics & Recreation Pending
19-33 Learning Manager, Small Business Manager Pending
19-32 Learning Manager - Welding Fabrication Pending
19-28 Learning Manager - Health & Safety Technician Pending
19-30 Assessment Services Clerk Tanya Jackson
19-31 International Student Coordinator Julia Clayton
AE 19-02 Registration Clerk - Adult and Community Education Pending
19-29 Administrative Assistant - Corporate Services Lynn Carr
AE19-01 English Language Instructors Douglas Fraser, Joyce Moase
19-24 Administrative Assistant - College Advancement and Holland College Foundation Pending
19-27 Learning Manager - Business Administration (2) Shaun Patterson
19-26 Early Childhood Educator Hayley Jeffrey
19-25 Subject Matter Expert - Precision Machinist Pending
19-23 To create a list: Customized Training programs Pending
19-21 Subject Matter Expert - Welding Rick Cheverie
19-16 Instructional Designers (2) Don Bowers, Chris Sharpley
19-20 Learning Manager - Human Services Wendy Smith
19-18 Customized Training Clerk Melissa French
19-17 Deputy Director - Atlantic Police Academy Jeff Minten
19-14 Inclusion Support Assistant Jacalyn MacAulay
19-13 Sessional Instructor – English Filled
19-12 (Rep Learning Manager - Atlantic Police Academy Pending
19-10 Program Manager, West Prince Campus Michele Oliver
19-08 Learning Manager - Journalism Program Lindsay Carroll
19-09 Sessional Instructors - Spring Session Filled
19-07 IT Support Technician Abolaji Ogunmola
A19-02 Administrative and Communications Assistant, Canada's Smartest Kitchen Adrienne Montgomery
A19-01 Food Product Developer Mickhaelia Boothe