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Atlantic Police Academy

RCMP recognizes APA police training

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police now recognizes the Atlantic Police Academy’s Police Science (Cadet) training, the academy’s executive director, Forrest Spencer, announced today.

“This agreement enables our graduates to receive full credit for their APA training when they are accepted by the RCMP,” Spencer said.

To join the RCMP, graduates must pass a medical examination, obtain an RCMP Security Clearance and pass an interview. Before their first posting as an RCMP officer, they will participate in a short training course instead of taking the force’s 26-week course.

"The RCMP have hundreds of positions all across Canada. Now our graduates can apply, and will receive full credit for their APA training." - Forrest Spencer, Executive Director, Atlantic Police Academy

The Atlantic Police Academy, a division of Holland College, has been training police officers for more than 40 years. For more information about the 35-week Police Science (Cadet) program, visit hollandcollege.com/apa, call 1 (800) 446-5265 or email info@hollandcollege.com.

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