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Charlottetown Transitions Rotations

Arts and Media

Students are exposed to the following programs: Fundamental Arts, Graphic Design, Photography and Digital Imaging. This rotation provides students with the opportunity to explore potential career choices within the arts by taking part in several hands-on activities.

Activities include basic drawing and painting, sculpture, photography basics, editing videos, stop motion animation and tours of local studios/galleries.

Sports, Recreation and Conservation

Students look into three main program areas: Wildlife Conservation Technology, Sport and Leisure Management, and Golf Management.

The Sports, Recreation and Conservation rotation combines hands-on practical sessions with outdoor leadership activities to deliver an action-packed experience. Here students learn about careers in many different areas, such as event planning, personal training, conservation, golf club management, and community-based activity programs.

This rotation includes a very popular CSI activity, based on conservation enforcement, golf swing analysis, volunteering in a nursing home, and student-to-student presentations.

Trades and Tech East

The Trades and Technology rotation gives students the opportunity to sample a wide range of programs. It combines hands-on practical sessions along with guest speakers from various Holland College departments. The Trades and Technology rotation stresses the idea that trades are about using your head, not just your hands. Thinking, creativity, and the ability to work on your own are the main focus of this section.

Activities include building and testing a scale wind turbine, taking apart and reassembling a computer, creating a working electrical project and basic vehicle maintenance. Finally, the students spend two mornings in the Electronics Engineering Technology program, where they build their own project to take home.

Food, Travel and Hospitality Careers

This rotation gives students exposure to the International Hospitality Management, Tourism and Travel Management, and the Culinary Arts programs. All programs provide hands-on experience for the students, giving them an excellent overview of expectations and career options.

Activities include tour of mock travel agency, bartending, golf club-fitting, analyzing golf swings, and working in a busy kitchen.


The Business rotation allows students to get a glimpse of the Business programs at Holland College, including: Business Administration, Marketing and Advertising Management, Human Resources and Finance.

Even though business may not interest students at this point in their lives, the experience of preparing a business plan may come in handy if they ever decide to open their own business in the career area of their choice.

Activities include sessions with Holland College business instructors and current students, brainstorming for a mock business, creating a draft business plan, and presenting their idea to their peers.  Team work is the key to succeeding in this rotation.

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