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Network and WiFi Access


IMPORTANT: Please note that a student MUST have successfully REGISTERED into their courses at Holland College before they can log into any computer/system at the College.

Within 1 full business day (24 hours) after “registering”, Integrated Technology Services will send the Holland College username/password combination to the students’ HOME email account. They can log into any computer at Holland College and should have access to their personal network drive (F:\>), as well as the items listed below:

The Holland College file servers (their F:\> Drive and any of their program-specific applications) as well as:

If students are having problems logging into the Holland College network for the first time, the three most common reasons are:

  • they have not completed the registration process, or
  • they have completed the registration process but have not waited the 6 to 24 hours for the user account to become active
  • they may not have checked their home email address for the new password from the ITS Department (which is emailed to their home address after successfully completing registration).

If a student cannot successfully login, they should refer to the Password Management tab of the Integrated Technology Services website for further instructions. http://www.hollandcollege.com/its/password-management/


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