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Booking and Rental Information

FSPH4The Florence Simmons Performance Hall, located in the Charlottetown Centre on Holland College’s Prince of Wales Campus, is the newest, and yet one of the most historical, venues in Prince Edward Island.

Once the hub of activity for the Prince of Wales College and the community, the performance hall has been extensively renovated and updated.  Honoring the integrity of the building’s 1932 art deco beginnings while incorporating state-of-the-art technology, the hall provides audiences with the ultimate, intimate performance experience. In addition to being the ideal location for soft-seaters, the hall provides a perfect venue for speaking engagements and business presentations.

The performance hall features a large lobby and box office. The lobby is the ideal place to host a reception prior to a performance.

A 2,100 sq.-ft. lounge inside the theatre is suitable for entertaining up to 150 people prior to a performance.

The 303-seat performance space features an 850 sq.-ft. stage. The room offers access to the seating from the top and bottom of the room and is wheelchair accessible.

The overall depth of the stage is 28 feet from the front of the stage to the back wall. The stage is 35 ft. wide, with a proscenium opening of 30 ft. 6 in. The performance hall also has a sprung dance floor and, coming in the fall of 2017, a black Rosco Adagio dance floor which can be installed free of charge.

To book the performance hall, or for more information, email onstage@hollandcollege.com or call  (902) 894 6885.


Base Rental:
Corporate/Commercial: $500
*All prices plus 15% HST

Technical Services

MPH2House-Front Production Services Inc. provides technical services for the hall. When you book the venue, we work with House-Front Production Services to meet your technical requirements. House-Front can bring in more gear if required for an additional fee.




Technical Specifications

Audio Console (1)
– Behringer X32 40 channels (32 mono mic/line plus 4 stereo mic/line) with 100mm faders
– 16 outputs.

Audio Snake (2)
– 16-input channel digital snake with eight (8) return channels located on Stage Right
– 16-input channel digital snake with six (6) return channels located on Stage Left

Speaker Cabinets
Front of House – Meyer Mid / High Cabinets (1 per side)
Front of House – Meyer Subwoofer cabinet (1 per side)
Meyer Front Fills (4)
Meyer Balcony Fills (3)
JLB (model #SRX812P) Monitor Cabinets (6)

Input Devices
6 – Vocal microphones: Shure SM58
4 – Instrumental microphones: Shure SM57
6 – Direct input boxes
40 – 25 ft. microphone cables
10 – 50 ft. microphone cables
1 – Wireless UHF handheld microphone; Shure SLX24SM58
6 – Tall extendable boom stands with tripod legs; K&M; 21100-300-55 Black
4 – Short extendable boom stands with tripod legs; K&M; 25900 Black

LED Ellipsoidal lighting Fixtures
18 – S4 LED Series 2 Light Engine Body and Shutter barrel
Shutter Barrels:
14 deg lens tube with lens installed (4)
19 deg lens tube with lens installed (4)
26 deg lens tube with lens installed (6)
36 deg lens tube with lens installed (4)
5 – S4 LED Series 2 Light Engine Body and Cyc
LED Wash Fixture
14 – Selador D40

Lighting Console
1500 Outputs Control Capability
2 x DMX 512 Ports
2 x 19” LCD Touch Screen Monitor


140 Weymouth Street  •  Charlottetown, PE  •  Canada  •  C1A 4Z1  •  info@hollandcollege.com  •  1-800-446-5265