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Holland College offers combined Plumbing and Pipefitting program

February 8, 2018

Charlottetown, PE – Holland College is offering a new, one-year certificate program that enables students to learn the skills required to start working as a plumber and as a steamfitter/pipefitter this September in the college’s Georgetown Centre.

Students will have the space and materials to practice and perfect the skills and techniques they learn in class, ensuring that they are confident and ready to enter the job market by the time they graduate. Students will learn how to install and service hot and cold-water distribution piping, plumbing fixtures and appliances, waste and vent piping, wastewater disposal and hot water heating systems in residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. They will also acquire steamfitting/pipefitting skills such as installing, altering, maintaining and repairing piping systems that convey hot water, air, fuel and fine solids.

Students receive credit for 30 hours of apprenticeship time for each week of the program for a total of 900 hours and are eligible to write the apprenticeship level one exam for each trade.  Graduates are then prepared to enter either trade.  When they become employed in the trade of their choice, the apprenticeship hours are applied.

For more information about the Plumbing/Pipefitting program, including courses and fees, visit hollandcollege.com/plumb-pipe, email info@hollandcollege.com, or call 1-800-446-5265


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