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Award FAQs

The following information applies to ENROLLED awards only

What is the difference between INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL awards?

Internal Scholarships, bursaries, and awards are coordinated by Holland College and the Holland College Foundation. External Scholarships, bursaries, and awards are open to Holland College students and are coordinated by other organizations.

How do I apply for the internal bursaries and awards?

You can search the database of awards on this webpage. Applications are to be submitted to address shown on bottom of application.

Can I apply for more than one award?


Do I have to submit an application for EACH award I wish to apply for? Do all awards require the same documents to be submitted?

Yes, you have to complete an application for EACH award you wish to be considered for. Not all awards require the same documents; you need to ensure the check list is completed on the bottom of the application so that if additional documents or the financial budget are required you will have a complete application package for each award. READ EACH AWARD DETAIL PAGE ATTACHED TO THE AWARD DESCRIPTION TO FIND OUT IF YOU NEED TO INCLUDE FINANCIAL INFORATION OR ADDITIONAL DETAILS. IF THE DETAIL PAGE DOESN’T SPECIFY THAT THE AWARD IS BASED ON FINANCIAL NEED OR ASK FOR A DESCRIPTION OF A PARTICULAR ATTRIBUTE, YOU ONLY NEED TO SUBMIT APPLICATION AND RESUME.

What is the deadline?

The deadline for most INTERNAL awards is NOVEMBER 1st. There are a few awards with winter deadlines to allow for our winter intake students to apply.

What if I am funded by an external source such as Skills Funding or Employment Insurance?

Students who are funded can apply for any award and it will not impact their financial statement.

How are the award recipients selected?

Awards are selected by a selection committee consisting of faculty, administrative staff and department managers.

How will I find out if I won an award?

Winners are notified via HOLLAND COLLEGE EMAIL. A list of winners will be sent out to all students and staff. Students will be instructed when and where the awards pick up locations will be.

Where do I find the most up to date information on the awards?

All awards are updated, added, changed or deleted on this webpage.

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