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Data Analytics Courses

PEI Occupational Health and Safety

An overview of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Prince Edward Island. Students examine the legislation, how PEI employees are protected while on the job and the responsibilities of employees and employers.

Hours: 0
Course Code: SAFE-1005

Business Principles

The Business Principles course provides an overview of business organizational elements, behaviours and practices as applied in Canada and globally.

Hours: 45
Course Code: BUSI-3000

Data Literacy

In this course, you will learn data manipulation and modelling skills. You will gain insights into the formats and styles of data that can be collected, developed, and queried. Using data analysis, you will develop a story that can be communicated to inform organizational decisions.

Hours: 48
Course Code: DATA-3100

Business Context for Data Analysis

Introduces the use of data to meet the needs of an organization and apply data in decision making. Understand a balanced approach to integrating data decisions in business processes and strategic alignment.

Hours: 48
Course Code: DATA-3105

Statistical Analysis of Data

Using statistical methods to sort, summarize, and gain insight into data. Using various statistical methods to analyze data sets with the purpose of communication to business decision makers.

Hours: 48
Course Code: DATA-3110

Predictive Analytics (IBM)

This IBM Skills Academy course will cover essential analytics models to collect and analyze data efficiently. This will require skills in predictive analytics models, such as data mining, data collection and integration, nodes, and statistical analysis. Tools for market research and data mining in order to predict problems and improve outcomes will be used.

Hours: 48
Course Code: DATA-3115

Business Analytics With Excel

Using Excel and associated plug-in tools, students will learn how this popular and industry standard software program can be used effectively to analyze data. Running models and analysis tools within the Excel program to present processed data to decision makers.

Hours: 48
Course Code: DATA-3200

Business Intelligence Reporting (IBM)

This IBM Skills Academy course provides professional report authors an opportunity to learn report building techniques using relational data models. Attendees will also learn techniques to enhance, customize, and manage professional reports.

Hours: 48
Course Code: DATA-3205

Advanced Concepts in Data Analytics

In this course students will explore advanced data analysis concepts including aching learning, natural language processing, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and probabilistic programming. Students will also examine trends in predictive and prescriptive analytics, as well as developments in loT and cloud computing.

Hours: 48
Course Code: DATA-3210

Data Analytics Capstone Project

This capstone project for the Data Analytics program presents the framework for students to complete a synthesis of the program outcomes and learning in a final, demonstrative manner.

Hours: 150
Course Code: DATA-3215