Start Date: September
Length: 2 Years
Location: Prince of Wales Campus
Credential: Diploma, Journalist
  • Grade 12 or equivalent with credits at or above the general level
  • Grade 11 or 12 academic English, minimum of 65%
  • Résumé including work and volunteer experience with applicable dates, membership in groups, associations or athletics, awards and distinctions, and any other information about yourself relevant to the program.

Fees for the academic year 2018/2019.

International Student fee is an additional $3,930 per year (includes International Health Fee).

Tuition and Other Fees First Year Second Year
Tuition $3,660 $3,660
Lab Fee $300 $300
Student Union $168 $168
Health Insurance Fee $410 $410
Fitness Centre Fee $80 $80
Grad Fee   $90
Total $4,618 $4,708
1stinstallment due first day of class $2,653 $2,743
2ndinstallment due January 7 $1,965 $1,965
Other Program Costs First Year Second Year
Books $100 $–
Equipment $100 $–
Total $200 $–

Graduates from this program may find employment with:

  • daily or weekly newspapers
  • public relations
  • information services
  • radio and television

Degree Pathways

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Program Overview

Print and broadcast journalism—and a growing number of related fields—place a premium on clear, concise, accurate writing based on the timely collection of information. This program emphasizes these skills while recognizing the importance of new technology and the growing use of broadcast reporting techniques online. Courses in reporting and storytelling, critical thinking, and law introduce you to the basics of print and broadcast while exploring various challenges within the industry.


Two internship placements provide you with the opportunity to enhance the skills you learn in the classroom.

The Surveyor

Our students produce an online newspaper, The Surveyor, featuring broadcast and print stories.

Careers, adventures, and what the bosses say!

Read testimonials from some of our graduates. Whether they are working for print, broadcast, or web-based media, are freelancing or in a related field, or have been doing something completely different, such as teaching, their Journalism training has helped them acheive their goals.

If you're an adventurous spirit, you'll appreciate these stories from Journalism graduates Tori Vail and Gwydion Morris, and the interview that Journalism alumna Jillianne Hamilton did with Matthew Lawrence, who biked across North America ... twice!

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