Cabinetmaking / Wood Manufacturing

Start Date: September
Length: 1 Year
Location: Summerside Waterfront Campus
Credential: Certificate, Cabinetmaking Wood Manufacturing Technician
  • Grade 12 or equivalent with credits at or above the general level
  • Résumé including work and volunteer experience with applicable dates, membership in groups, associations or athletics, awards and distinctions, and any other information about yourself relevant to the program

Note: Applicants must be physically capable of meeting the demands of this industry

Fees for the academic year 2018/2019.

International Student fee is an additional $3,930 per year (includes International Health Fee).

Tuition and Other Fees 1st Year
Tuition $ 4,048
Student Union $ 168
Health Insurance Fee $ 410
Graduation Fee $ 90
First Aid/WHMIS $ 100
Total $ 4,816
1stinstallment due first day of class $ 3,197
2ndinstallment due January7 $ 1,619
Other Program Costs 1st Year
Books $ 230
Materials/Supplies $ 100
Uniforms/Safety Shoes/Licence Fee $ 150
Equipment/Tools/Registration Fees $ 50
Total $ 530

Graduates from this program may find employment with:

  • Cabinetmaking
  • Architectural millwork
  • Wood product manufacturing
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Restoration
  • Design operations
  • Self-employment

Program Overview

The advanced wood processing industry in Canada demands high quality, innovative, and  technically sophisticated workers. In this program, you will learn everything you need to enter tne of the fastest growing manufacturing sectors in Canada.

Once you are adept at using manual tools, you’ll move on to sophisticated electrical tools, including computer numerical control (CNC) equipment.

By the time you graduate, you will be comfortable making cabinets and architectural millwork,
laminating, veneering, machining, sanding, assembling and finishing. In addition to course requirements, you will also complete a personal project of your own design.

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Red Seal

The most successful path to a Red Seal as a cabinetmaker begins with the Cabinetmaking/Wood Manufacturing program. This program enables you to earn 30 hours of apprenticeship time for each week of training and write the apprenticeship year one block exam, which puts you well on your way to Red Seal certification. Upon graduation, once you are working with a suitable employer, you will register as an apprentice to complete your journey to challenge the Interprovincial Exam. When you register, Apprenticeship PEI will give you credit for the hours earned and block exams passed while you were at Holland College.

The Interprovincial Red Seal gives you the ability to work anywhere in Canada without further testing or certification. The Red Seal is recognized as the Interprovincial standard of excellence for your chosen trade and is the designation most employers will ask for.


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