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Off-Campus Accommodations

We maintain off-campus accommodation lists for:

These lists include apartments, rooms with kitchen privileges, room and board, and roommates (see descriptions below):

  • An apartment is a set of rooms that may or may not be furnished, which is occupied by one or more people, and usually has its own kitchen and bathroom.
  • Rooms with kitchen privileges are rooms in private homes where you don’t have your own kitchen, but you can use the main kitchen.
  • Room and board arrangements are where you rent a room in a private home and the landlord provides one, two or three meals per day. You may also have kitchen privileges.

You can also search for accommodations on the following websites:

Find out more about your rights and obligations as a tenant.

Off Campus Rentals Contact
Summerside OffsiteAccommodations@hollandcollege.com
Charlottetown & East OffsiteAccommodations@hollandcollege.com
West Prince Area OffsiteAccommodations@hollandcollege.com


Interested in listing your rental unit with us? Download our questionnaire.

For properties located in the:

Roommates Wanted

Complete the form below and we will publish your Student Roommates Wanted advertisement in our accommodations lists on our website free of charge for 60 days.

Please Note: This form is for student use only. All submissions will be reviewed by our Student Services Office.

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When you complete this form and click the submit button, it will be sent to our Student Services Office (you only need to click once), where it will be reviewed and posted on the site. Please allow a day or so for your listing to appear on the site. Thank you.

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