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August 3, 2022

Summer Series - Library Services Session

3:30 – 4:30 PM | Online Via Teams

The library is more than just books! Emily and Leslie will give you the scoop on how the library can support you. They will highlight all of the ways library services can help students succeed such as studying and hanging out in the beautiful library spaces, the resources on the library website, helpful YouTube videos, and the Student Success Series. The library team is not afraid to have fun either! Tune in to learn about the contests, library events, and so much more to make the library your home away from home. 

About the Summer Series Virtual Info Sessions

Whether you’re a first-time student starting this fall, or you’re a seasoned student returning for a new year or new program- the summer series sessions are designed to help you get familiar with all the resources available at Holland College. Find our full schedule

About Library Services

There is a library on every Holland College Campus! Each Centre has resources specific to the courses and programs offered in that area. We also have a comprehensive list of resources on our library website that you can access 24/7 from wherever you are!

Our team is excited to connect with you. Reach out any time!

Patricia Doucette, Larry Tweed, Emily MacIsaac, and Leslie Holt work out of the Regis and Joan Duffy Library on the PWC. When you walk into the library you will be greeted by one of our friendly faces so please stop by and say ‘hi’. 

You will find Rose MacDonald at the TCC Resource Centre on the third floor. Say ‘Hi’ to Rose and check out the amazing cookbook collection plus the lovely view of Victoria Park.  

Jean Lykow works out of the Resource Centre on SWC. Head over to the Library to say ‘Hi’ and explore the helpful resources! 

Andrea Cameron is the Resource Manager on the WPC and she is an excellent resource for students as she works in the Library plus teaches courses in Alberton!

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