What people are saying about Holland College Bootcamps!

I enjoyed the day and was extremely surprised at what the chef’s could get out of us amateurs. It was great to learn how to make hand –made chocolate truffles. I liked the flexibility and the ganache allowed each cook to satisfy their taste and imagination. The new facilities were beautiful and I would give high marks to the learning experience and fun

Darlene Doiron

I love their enthusiasm and taste for knowledge. The staff and instructors of the boot camps were both personable and professional and provided our staff with a truly unique bonding experience that we will never forget.

Paul Jenkins
Friendly Pharmacy

Sharing our efforts and creations with each other was one of the most rewarding team building exercises that I have ever partaken in. I highly recommend the experience for any group.

Ron MacDougall
Investors Group

This is a great idea! The fact that we were working with “noted” chefs was really neat. I like being in the kitchen, doing the hands-on thing and of course the eating in the lucy maud afterwards was top notch!!

Natalie Worthen

I had a great time at Seafood 101 Bootcamp today. Thank you so much for pulling together all the details and making me feel comfortable while I participated in the course. Your hospitality, Chef's instruction, and Sam's helpfulness made this a high-point in our family trip across Canada. This was my first culinary course and my first time even touching half of these seafood items, what a thrill. I even had the opportunity to de-beard mussels!

Keep doing these courses because it made a great difference in my confidence with seafood and my willingness to be adventurous with food.


Stephen Peters
Calgary, Alberta

What an experience Monday was!! I had rearranged my schedule to be able to take the Seafood 101 Bootcamp and I am glad I did – what a great mini-vacation. I enjoyed the day immensely. I met some great people (both taking and teaching the session) and learned lots. I got to see and work in a professional kitchen – how fun is that. To cap the day off, we created and dined on some delicious creations. My day with you certainly reinvigorated me as I headed back to work.

Paul Egan

Our guests advised, back on board the ship, that this was one of the finest, most enjoyable and best organized shore excursions they have ever participated in.

Scott Kinney
Shore concierge for Silver Whisper

I just got off the phone with an overwhelmed, happy, tearful, and appreciative – and did I say happy, Carol who was made to feel more special then she thought she could ever feel!!!! I so sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating an outstanding culinary experience for her. . I was on the phone with Carol for more than hour listening to her talk about how truly special her experience was and how you made her feel so a part of her learning experience. She talked about how much she was taught and learned from some awesome people. I wish I was better at trying to capture Carol's bewilderment of a truly life altering experience. She talks about memories, food flavors, awesome information, awesome individuals, fantastic food, she will never be able to thank you enough ....from  a very, very, very appreciative husband ... hugs, warm thoughts and gratitude beyond what I can express.

Gerry Dooley (husband of bootcamp participant Carol)

From the moment we all put on the chefs whites and were marched into those amazing kitchens, I knew that this was a culinary experience that I would take with me forever”
I had an amazing experience and thought it was thoroughly enjoyable. The chefs were both personable and knowledgeable and continuously answered our questions and offered a number of valuable tips that can be used in everyday cooking such as chopping, combining flavors and prepping a variety of foods. These informal tips were worth the experience alone.

Peter Hooley