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Culinary Youth Team

Culinary Youth Team Canada is looking for talent
To complement our current team roster, Culinary Youth Team Canada, based in Holland College’s Toursim and Culinary Centre with The Culinary Institute of Canada, is looking for energetic, motivated, young culinary and pastry talent to join our core team. Full-time team practices start January 8, 2018 with the team’s performance being tested the first time in June during the CCFCC Annual Convention in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

National Youth Teams must compete in two disciplines:
1– Edible buffet category for 12 persons: Features 2 hot and two cold hors d’oeuvre, Seafood buffet platter with three main components a garnish with sauce for each, an action station main course, and a plated two component dessert. This must be accomplished within a 5-hour period by a team of 5 chefs/pastry chef and a helper.

2– Three course dinner for 70 persons: Featuring a fish/shellfish appetizer with more than 50% being hot, a main course and a dessert. This should be accomplished within a 5-hour period by a team of 5 chefs/pastry chef and a helper.

After our showcase for the convention, the team will reconvene and prepare for the first international competition in Luxembourg November 23-29, 2018. After Luxembourg, the team will rebuild, as some of the team members might age out (team members must be 25 years or younger at the time of competition). The next goal will be the Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart, Germany, in February of 2020, with many other events in between.

Team Member information:

  • Team members will have to relocate to Charlottetown, P.E.I.
  • Team members will become employees of The Culinary Institute of Canada, receive a competitive wage, and train full time (5 days a week, including some weekends as required).


If you would like to be part of this exciting adventure and have what it takes to be part of this team, please read the team member requirements, and complete the attached application form.

Thank you
Joerg Soltermann Team Manager
Youth Culinary Team Canada

Team Member Requirements

Do you have what it takes?

Culinary Youth Team Canada 2018-2020, based at The Culinary Institute of Canada is looking for ideal culinary and pastry candidates to join the current roster.

You may qualify if:

  • You were born after Nov. 1. 1993 (25-years-of-age limit at time of competition)
  • you have graduated from a culinary or pastry program, or have apprenticed in either discipline
  • you have a passion for food and an interest in current culinary trends
  • you can cook and pay attention to detail
  • you can fully commit to this project.
  • you have the stamina and are healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally to deal with the pressure of competition environments with strict deadlines
  • you have the endorsement of an employer, or a culinary or pastry instructor
  • you have a “can do” attitude
  • you understand that you might not be part of the 5-member competition cooking team, but may serve the team in a support member role

What skills are required?

  • you possess a sense of urgency to complete projects and assignments
  • you are the opposite of a procrastinator
  • you get stuff done!!
  • you can keep accurate records, notes, and journal to keep track of progress and changes to your individual responsibilities.
  • you are able to listen to critique and implement changes and improvement on the next available opportunity (practice)
  • you are prepared to practice, utilizing information provided, and feedback and critique received
  • you will keep yourself informed and familiarize yourself with competition rules and study the food safety manual
  • you are detail oriented and understand the importance of the small stuff
  • you will adhere to team work policies designed and implemented by the coaching staff.
  • you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty washing pot, pans, and dishes
  • you understand that the interest of the team comes before personal interest and agendas
  • you are a team player and team builder
  • you will not give up when the going gets tough
  • you have a positive attitude and see the glass as half full, not half empty

If this describes you, complete and submit this application form!

Joerg Soltermann
Team Manager
Culinary Youth Team Canada

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