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Culinary Youth Team Canada

In June of 2017, The Culinary Institute of Canada was chosen by the Canadian Culinary Federation to represent Canada. Since then, we have been preparing the team of young culinary professionals to compete in a series of international competitions culminating in the 2020 IKA Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart, Germany.

Currently the team is preparing for the 2018 Villeroy Boch Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg November 24 to 28, 2018.

The team will compete in two events:

1. Prepare a three course meal for 70 covers for an a la carte service from scratch in six hours. They must prepare an appetizer of fish or shellfish with over 50 per cent of the plate served hot. The team will prepare a main course of their own choice and a dessert with different textures and temperatures.

2. Prepare a contemporary buffet for 12 people from scratch in four and a half hours. They must prepare two types of hot and two types of cold hors d’oeuvre for 12 followed by a fish buffet platter with three main pieces of different preparation techniques and use appropriate garnish for each, including a sauce and a salad. The team must prepare a main course containing poultry. The type of poultry to be used will be revealed three months prior to competition time. The team must also prepare a dessert with two components.