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Summerside Transitions Rotations

Students Inspiring Students (exposure to Charlottetown-based college programs)

This rotation introduces Summerside area students to a variety of Charlottetown-based programs of which they might not otherwise be aware. This rotation is delivered in a variety of methods including tours, guest speakers and student-to-student presentations. In the student-to-student component, Transitions students are given first-hand accounts about Charlottetown programs via activity-based presentations from first year Holland College students. Program areas covered this year include: Sport and Leisure Management, Business Careers, Medical Support Services, Marketing and Advertising, and Event Planning.

Activities include student-to-student presentations and activities, local tours, Charlottetown program field trip. Students are then responsible for preparing an essay about one of the career exposures, including facts learned, additional research, and a works cited page.

Trades and Tech West

The Trades and Technology rotation of the Transitions program, which takes place on the Summerside Waterfront Campus, includes Electrical Technology, Automotive Technology, Electromechanical Technology, Precision Machinist, Carpentry and Wind Turbine Technician.

This rotation gives the students a view of what working in a trade will be like. It includes hands-on practical sessions that demonstrate the fact that trades people need to know how to use their heads, as well as their hands. Students learn about the importance of critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to work alone and as part of a team.

Activities include building small carpentry projects such as bat houses, tool boxes, recycling bins, and dog houses; conduit bending, wiring doorbell/electrical outlet; wiring car horn/blinker system; soldering, and disassembling and reassembling a scale wind turbine.


The Atlantic Police Academy rotation of the Transitions program gives students insight into careers as Police Officers, Correctional Officers, Firefighters, Conservation Officers, and Sheriff and Public Safety Officer. One of the most important aspects of the students’ participation in this rotation is the respect they develop for law enforcement officers.

Activities include driver training, fire arms safety/use, tactical handcuffing, pressure point control tactics, take down/defense tactics, attending docket days in courthouse, prison searches, cell extractions, crime scene village, tours of jails, police station, fire station. In addition, students watch an educational video about crime and are asked to write an essay about the video.

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