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Video Game Art and Animation

This program begins with the basics of art production for video games. Traditional drawing skills are taught along with the latest software techniques.

You will examine the history of the industry and look behind the scenes to see what goes into video game development.

You will develop the core skills needed to generate artwork using Adobe™ and Autodesk™ products, and the technical aspects needed to integrate your work into the production pipeline. The curriculum is designed to be flexible to ensure that the program can be adjusted to suit trends in the video game industry.

This is a US Federal Aid Approved program.

Portfolio Requirements

Do not include copies of other people’s art work such as comic, game or film characters.

  • Draw a self portrait (head and shoulders only), using a mirror for reference.
  • Sit in the corner of any room in your house and draw the entire contents of the room in front of you. Be as accurate as possible. Include everything you see.
  • Devise an original game idea and write a 2 page description outlining its key features. Create a suitable piece of art to be used on the cover of the game’s package.
  • Applicants are asked to select an additional collection of 8 of their best pieces of art to include in their submission. The portfolio should be submitted via weblink, disc, or neatly presented in a binder.
    • figure drawings
    • interior/exterior drawings of buildings
    • perspective drawings
    • drawings from observation
    • original character design
    • traditional art, painting, sculpture
    • 3D models
    • texture painting
    • 2D/3D animation
    • digital art
    • graphic design

Program Facts

Start: September
Length: 2 years
Location: Prince of Wales Campus
Credential: Diploma, Video Game Art and Animation
Minimum passing grade per course:

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Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12 or equivalent with credits at or above the general level
  • Submission of a portfolio. This portfolio will be a significant factor in determining admission to the program
  • Résumé including work and volunteer experience with applicable dates, membership in groups, associations or athletics, awards and distinctions, and any other information about yourself relevant to the program

Note: Portfolio will only be kept by the Admissions Department for one year

Graduate Opportunities

Graduates from this program may find employment with:

  • object modelers
  • vehicle modelers
  • character modelers and riggers
  • world builders
  • texture mappers
  • environment artists
  • concept artists
  • level designers
  • storyboard artists
  • animators
  • character and prop designers

Fundamental Arts program

If you’re creative but not ready to take this program, you may want to consider the Fundamental Arts program, which helps students build the knowledge and skills necessary for post-secondary studies in the Graphic Design and Video Game Art and Animation programs. Build your portfolio and your confidence in this one year certificate program. Find out more here.


Tuition & Fees

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If you have any questions concerning the Video Game Art and Animation program, contact:

  • Chris Sharpley
  • School of Visual Arts & Journalism office: (902) 629-4206

Degree Pathways

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