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Request for fieldwork consideration

The objective of the Heritage Retrofit Carpentry program is, in part, to provide our students with relevant and meaningful fieldwork and practical experience.  From time to time we observe projects in the private sector.  If you have an interesting project, tool, historical piece, etc. in your home, we would gladly add your name and project to our list potential visits.

Please look at our list of requirements and take a moment to write a brief letter explaining what your project is and how it fits our criteria:

  • Where is your project, what is the proximity to Charlottetown
  • We are a learning institution; therefore we may not be able to complete a project once started and/or we may take a long time to complete.
  • The project must be relevant to our curriculum: Please cross reference your job with the list of courses at the bottom of the course webpage.

Our two main areas of focus are:

Residential Energy Efficiency

  • Unique insulation types
  • Unique framing types
  • LEED certified building projects

Traditional/Fine Carpentry

  • Traditional mouldings
  • Traditional tools
  • Demonstration or items produced with tradition techniques
  • Please provide photos of project (if relevant) and contact information.
  • Please provide proof of insurance that shows student (workers/observers) are protected on your site

How to submit your request

Once this information is compiled, please e-mail it to Josh Silver, program instructor, or mail it to:

Josh Silver
Heritage Retrofit Carpentry
Holland College
140 Weymouth St.
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 4Z1


Degree Pathways

Many Holland College programs have degree pathways. For more information, see our Degree Pathways section.

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