1. What online resources are available?

If material you need is available in the Library's online collections, you won't need  to request delivery of a print copy from the Library. Here's how you can find online versions of material you need: 

  • check the Library Catalogue - items that are available online, such as e-books, will provide weblinks to the databases with the online version
  • to look for just e-books in the Library Catalogue, there are several ways to do this:
    • Under the search tab select Select Power; then, under limits, select Ebooks readable online; enter your search terms; or,
    • On the main Library webpage under the Everything tab enter your search terms; then, under limits in the left navigation bar, select the source type you want (ie ebooks); or,
  • On the main Library webpage, click on the Research Help button, then, click on databases in the left navigation bar. This will list all electronic resources. Click on description to decide.
    • Databases indicate if an article is available online - look for an HTML or PDF link, or
  • E-Resources link provides access to specific online journals. You can search for and go directly to a specific online journal to search or browse articles in that journal and follow the links to fulltext.  Remember though that you can search for articles in many online journals at the same time using a database
  • Online courses: Your instructor may put weblinks to articles, reserve readings, and other online resources right inside your online course website - these will take you directly to the fulltext of the article online without having to go into a database yourself and to look for it.

The Holland College Libraries'  Inter-Library loans department allow students, faculty and staff of the university to request materials from other institutions. If you require the loan or photocopying of materials from other Canadian libraries, please click here.