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Orientation 2016


  • Effective August, 2016 – Student data stored on the F:\> Drive will no longer be backed up by the ITS Department
    • Students will be responsible for backing up all of their data (to OneDrive or to personal USB drives)
    • Students should store their files in Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive
  • Microsoft Office 365 Portal and OneDrive are easily accessible from the College main webpage
    • Just browse to http://www.hollandcollege.com and there are links at the top of the page which will bring you directly to Office 365 Portal and OneDrive
    • Just login with your College username and password (same as email)
  • Expanded WiFi coverage in Charlottetown Centre and at the Tourism & Culinary Centre
    • Both locations now have wifi “coverage” throughout the entire building
      • “coverage” means 10-20 people can access wifi in that area at any one time and can do basic tasks (check websites, email, facebook, etc.)
      • This basic coverage does not mean large numbers of people can simultaneously use wifi to stream audio/video, download large files, etc. ..
  • Improved WiFi login process (authentication)
    • Staff and students who have a current username and password for accessing the College network/email, can use that same username and password to stay permanently connected to the College wifi. It is no longer necessary to keep reconnecting to the wifi each day as in previous years.
  • Enhanced Security Focus
    • With the increased threat of attack by malware, ransomware, etc., we have increased the security levels on all publicly accessible computers. This prevents the installation of software by anyone except authorized IT personnel. As with any tightened security measures, this will also be an inconvenience to some who prefer an unrestricted computer environment.
    • We have also restricted the abilities of the few generic accounts (i.e. 1Internet). These accounts will still have access to the Internet, but no longer can access internal servers (such as F:\> Drive and H:\> Drive)


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