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Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition


Who should apply for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition?

PLAR is for students who have significant work and life experience and learning which may be equivalent to college courses. You should be able to identify learning acquired in different situations and places of work. The learning should be current, relevant to the course for which PLAR is requested and of sufficient breadth and depth to ensure college level learning.

Eligibility to PLAR

You may be eligible to PLAR a course if:

  • You have several years’ experience  working in the specific field that encompasses the content of the course;
  • You have taken a similar course or workshop that cannot be transferred from another institution;
  • You have attended several seminars or workshops, or volunteered in an area relevant to the course you wish to PLAR;
  • You score above the indicated mark on the self-assessment found in the Resource Guide for the course.

Assessment of PLAR

Your prior learning may be assessed by one or more of the following methods:

Challenge for Credit: the skills, knowledge and abilities contained in a course are assessed by:

a)      An exam
b)      An interview
c)       Project completion
d)      Demonstrations
e)      Simulations

Portfolio:  a detailed collection of documents and proof of learning that is assembled by the student in order to demonstrate appropriate prior learning.

Fees and Timelines

Regular course fees will be charged for PLAR.
The PLAR process should be completed during the same semester as the regular course offering.



For more information on the PLAR process, contact Natalie Worthen by email or by calling (902) 566-9595.

140 Weymouth Street  •  Charlottetown, PE  •  Canada  •  C1A 4Z1  •  info@hollandcollege.com  •  1-800-446-5265