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Off Site Student Accommodations

Off Campus Rentals

We maintain off-campus accommodation lists for:

These lists include apartments, rooms with kitchen privileges, room and board and roommates wanted (see descriptions below):

  • An apartment is a set of rooms that may or may not be furnished, which is occupied by one or more people, and usually has its own kitchen and bathroom.
  • Rooms with kitchen privileges are rooms in private homes where you don’t have your own kitchen, but you can use the main kitchen.
  • Room and board arrangements are where you rent a room in a private home and the landlord provides one, two or three meals per day. You may also have kitchen privileges.

You can also search for accommodations on the following websites:

Find out more about your rights and obligations as a tenant.

Off Campus Rentals Contact
Summerside OffsiteAccommodations@hollandcollege.com
Charlottetown & East OffsiteAccommodations@hollandcollege.com
West Prince Area OffsiteAccommodations@hollandcollege.com


Interested in listing your rental unit with us? Download our questionnaire.

For properties located in the:

140 Weymouth Street  •  Charlottetown, PE  •  Canada  •  C1A 4Z1  •  info@hollandcollege.com  •  1-800-446-5265