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Counselling and Support Services

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Counselling is available to all Holland College students free of charge. Our counsellors are professionally trained and provide a variety of counselling services in a confidential environment. We promote student success by helping students identify issues, overcome barriers to success, and find effective ways of dealing with personal concerns. Counselling gives you the opportunity to talk confidentially with someone who can help you learn new skills and new ways of looking at situations. This can help you solve problems on your own. Some students benefit from one or two sessions of problem-solving training, while some concerns may warrant further counselling sessions. Although counsellors may differ somewhat in their approaches, there are certain similarities that characterize counselling. In the beginning stage of counselling, your counsellor will ask about your concerns to gain a deeper understanding. As counselling proceeds, trust between you and your counsellor builds and a working partnership is developed. The counsellor will help you to explore your feelings, feel comfortable about the decisions you make, and help reassure you that your concerns are valid and can be resolved.

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you would like to contact a counsellor, you may do so by phone, in person, or by email:

June Harper Tel: (902) 894-6833

The Counselling Services page in SAM has links to many helpful resources.

Student Support Services

Sometimes a student entering a college program has challenges adjusting to their academic workload. It is important for students to discuss this with their instructor or with a member of the Student Support Services team early in the school year.

Using a variety of resources including counselling, testing, tutoring, and assistive technologies, the team can help students with challenges increase their chances of academic success by helping them to be independent learners and encouraging them to reach their fullest potential. Service are provided free of charge to students. For more information about Student Support Services, call (902) 629-4237.

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