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Oct 17, 2017 6:30 PM

Do you love to sing (even though you might not consider yourself “a singer” or only feel comfortable singing alone in the car)? PLAYING WITH CHOIR is an opportunity to come together in a large group to learn simple 3 part harmonies for popular songs of today and past decades and belt them out for the simple joy of singing. No auditions, no solos, no stars, just fun.

As part of the first annual Singfest PEI, to coincide with World Singing Day, we are opening our usually ‘closed to members only’ doors for YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I WANT and are being hosted by the Florence Simmons Performance Hall at Holland College to accommodate a bigger crowd. Aimed at promoting the act of singing together, SingFest will attempt to bring back the joy of singing to everyone by engaging and connecting singers and audiences. Sing Your Heart Out!

Who can participate?

If you are an adult 19+ who loves to sing and plays well with others, we’d be thrilled to welcome you to the gang. No singing experience is necessary, and you will not be required to read music (a lyric sheet is provided). Our focus is on fun and comfort and there are no solos.

What should I expect at this Playing With Choir session?

The Choir Director (the amazing Jill Chandler) will begin the session with some vocal warm ups, after which she will break the group into three or more sections, each learning their part of the song’s harmony. By the end of the night we’ll bring it all together in a gorgeous full-choir rendition that we’ll video so you can boast to your friends and family about how awesome you sound. While we will be expected to listen to the Choir Director, and do as she instructs, the setting will be casual and fun.

What if I really can’t sing?

Don’t worry! There will be so many voices, it will all come together.

Do I need to know how to read music?

Nope! We’ll hand out a lyric sheet and you’ll learn the notes by listening to the director and through repetition.

Do I need singing experience?

If you’re only singing experience is alone in the car, that’s cool with us. As long as you love to sing, you’re in.


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