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Preetam Sengupta speaks on music, creativity, and healing

Nov 16, 2017 12:15 PM

Holland College welcomes musician/songwriter Preetam Sengupta to the Florence Simmons Performance Hall for a free performance and Q&A. This presentation will be of particular interest to anyone interested in music, creativity, and neuroplasticity.

After his debut album, HopeFull, Preetam had to undergo brain surgery to remove a large tumor. As a result, not only did he have to relearn how to do day to day tasks, he had to relearn how to play and sing his own songs by listening to his album and watching his YouTube videos. He was unsure he’d ever be able to call himself a songwriter again.

In time, and with a great deal of hard work, Preetam recovered. In the studio, with JUNO-winning producer Byram Joseph (aka Slakah the Beatchild) encouraging him, Preetam pushed the limits of his abilities and explored how his music fit into a particular genre. The result is Patience, a labour of love and celebration of life’s joys and sorrows.

You’ll find Patience and more of Preetam’s music, on Spotify and iTunes. For updates on Preetam, look to Facebook and visit www.preetam.ca.


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