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Emergency Response Information

The safety of students and staff is of the highest importance to Holland College. Knowing what to do in the case of an event that constitutes a crisis and or emergency is critical. For more information, see the College’s Institutional Safety page.

Crisis Management Response Plan

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The Crisis Management Response Plan describes the steps to follow and contact numbers for college staff in the event of a crisis. The college defines “crisis” as any event including, but not limited to, medical or personal emergency, bomb threat, fire, explosion, armed intruder, environmental/natural or other disaster, or mechanical failure that threatens the basic personal needs for safety and security. Examples include sudden death (peer, staff, or significant other) or incident of violence in the college or community which results in the disruption of normal college functioning.

Emergency Response Procedures

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Emergency Evacuations & Bomb Threats Procedure

Fire – activate fire alarms and call 911 (9911 from a college phone)
Bomb Threats – record information using form; activate fire alarms to evacuate the building(s); call 911 (9911 from a college phone); inform a member of College Management

Campus / Centre Lockdown Procedure

A lock-down is a way to ensure that students and staff are as safe as possible in the event of a weapons emergency such as the presence of an armed intruder on the campus. It occurs when it may not be safe for you to leave the building or area that you are presently in.

Weapons emergencies include situations where shots have been fired; an armed intruder has been spotted; an armed intruder has caused harm to someone or is threatening to cause harm to someone; an individual has a weapon; or you have reason to believe that they have a weapon.

In all of these situations, do not try to evacuate, as you may be putting yourself in danger. Do NOT pull the fire alarm.

How will you know if there is a lock-down?

Lock-down drills are conducted throughout the school year. The information is also on lock-down posters throughout the centre. You will hear the message, “LOCK-DOWN, LOCK-DOWN, LOCK-DOWN” over the public address system.

Designated Safe Areas

Instructors show students the designated safe area(s) in their centre. The information is also on lock-down posters throughout the centre.

How to secure an area

If you cannot safely get to a designated safe area, you need to make your location as safe as possible:

  • Gather together as many people as you can within your immediate area;
  • Wherever you are at the time of the lock-down is probably the safest place to remain, unless notified otherwise;
  • If you are in a common area such as a hallway or open space, find a classroom or office, preferably with computer or phone access;
  • Lock and/or barricade the door if possible;
  • Make the room or area you are in appear unoccupied;
  • Turn off lights or maintain minimal lighting;
  • Close window blinds;
  • Turn off cell phone ringers;
  • Remain calm, and help others to remain quiet and out of sight;
  • Take cover;
  • Select one person in your group to communicate any threat or injury and your location to 9-1-1 or, if using a college phone, 9-9-1-1.

Accident & Incident Reporting

PEI Workers Compensation Board
PEI Workers Compensation Board 24-hour emergency number for reporting workplace accidents: (902) 628-7513
Holland College Accident, Incident, and Violent Incident Reporting information sheet
For more information, visit the Holland College Occupational Health and Safety Information page.

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