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Educational Joint Ventures and International Projects

Historical Background


In 2000-2001, Holland College signed a number of Educational Joint Venture (EJV) agreements with partner colleges and institutes across China. The primary objective of these ventures is to share educational methodology and create educational and career opportunities for students, both in China and in Canada. The programs would be three years in duration. The first year is a preparatory year with a focus on learning English. Year One also includes mandatory courses that enable students to acquire a Chinese college diploma. The second and third year are exclusively devoted to the delivery of a number of two-year Holland College diploma programs. Each program is delivered in English and enables students to earn a Holland College Canadian credential without leaving China.


The EJV programs are delivered using a North American Educational Methodology called Competency Based Education (CBE). CBE, also known as Performance Based Education, is a methodology that identifies the specific skills and outcomes that a student must master or perform to successfully complete the program. Each program is designed to meet the expectations of business and industry and the outcomes or objectives of the program are clearly identified.

Benefits of Program for Students

The EJV programs offered in China are duplicates of the programs offered by Holland College in Canada. Students receive the same credential and have acquired to skills to work in industry. An EJV program is an investment in a student’s future.

Benefits include:

  • Students develop enhanced English language and communication skills, confidence, and a strong understanding of the expectations of industry.
  • The CBE methodology requires students to develop hands-on technical and professional skills that are easily recognizable by an employer
  • The students receive two diplomas – one from China and one from Canada
  • Students can transfer their course credits and continue their education in Canada

Students who successfully complete an EJV program have a competitive edge in the workforce, as well as the opportunity to continue their studies elsewhere.

International Projects

Enhanced Rural Teacher Training Project


The goal of the project was to increase student success in rural and remote ethnic minority populations of Sichuan province by enhancing the learning environment in the critical early years of schooling through improved in-service training and support for kindergarten/primary schoolteachers. Enhancing student success in the early years facilitates improved student retention, motivation, and achievement of learning outcomes and builds a strong foundation for future achievements in secondary education, employment and/or higher education. It is the essential foundation for reducing poverty and enhancing social and economic opportunity for the province’s disadvantaged minorities.


The purpose of the project was to assist the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education in developing and implementing program and policy initiatives in the areas of in-service teacher training and resources rationalization designed to improve the skills of kindergarten and primary schoolteachers, enhancing their ability to promote and support individual student success.

Holland College EJV Partnerships and Programs in China:

Anyang Normal University

Anyang City, Henan Province (Partnership since 2009)

  • Business Administration Program – Sales Manager Profile
  • Sport and Leisure Management Program
  • Early Childhood Care and Education Program

Website: http://www.aynu.edu.cn

Changzhou Institute of Technology

Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province (Partnership since 2002)

  • International Hospitality Management Program

Website: http://www.czu.cn

Chengdu Technological University

Chengdu City, Sichuan Province (Partnership since 1988 under the CIDA funded project)

  • International Hospitality Management Program
  • Computer Information System – Computer Analyst Programmer Profile

Website: http://www.cdtu.edu.cn

Guiyang Vocational and Technical College

Guiyang City, Guizhou Province (Partnership since 2015)

  • Computer Networking Management Program
  • International Hospitality Management Program

Website: http://www.gyvtc.edu.cn

Hainan College of Vocation and Technique

Haikou City, Hainan Province (Partnership since 2006)

  • Golf Club Management Program

Website: http://www.hcvt.cn

Jiangxi University of Science & Technology, Nanchang Campus

Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province (Partnership since March 2012)

  • International Hospitality Management Program
  • Electromechanical Technology Program

Website: http://www.jxust-nc.cn

Shangrao Normal University

Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province (Partnership since 2014)

  • Early Childhood Care and Education Program
  • Accounting Technology Program

Website: http://www.sru.jx.cn/

Xuchang University

Xuchang City, Henan Province (Partnership since 2006)

  • Computer Information System – Computer Analyst Programmer Profile
  • Marketing and Advertising Management Program

Website: http://www.xcu.edu.cn

  Zhenjiang College

Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province (Partnership since 2001)

  • Computer Information System – Computer Analyst Programmer Profile
  • International Hospitality Management Program
  • Business Administration Program – Business Manager Profile
  • Marketing and Advertising Management Program
  • Accounting Technology Program

Website: http://www.zjc.edu.cn


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