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Although the information is prepared with care, Holland College accepts no responsibility for actions caused by misinformation contained in this website. This website is published for information purposes and outlines the intentions of Holland College in as timely a fashion as possible. Holland College reserves the right to revise or cancel programs or courses, revise policies and procedures, change instructors and alter fees and charges as Holland College deems necessary without notice.

The web site is operated by Holland College for the benefit of the Holland College community and the public. It is free for use by individual web users. When you browse this website you do so anonymously. Links are provided as a convenience and for information only. Providing a link to an external site does not constitute an endorsement or approval by Holland College of any of the services provided by the linkedweb site. The contents of the web site, such as text, publications, newsletters, articles, views, graphics, images, HTML code, multimedia clips, Java code, and the selection and arrangement of information, are protected by copyright.

To read the college’s full policy and regulations relating to this topic please click the links provided to view a PDF copy:

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