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Our state-of-the-art Centre for Applied Sciences and Technology is one of only a few facilities to score 100% on the Green Globes Energy Analysis, showing that energy responsibility does not need to come at a cost that is out of reach for the majority of building projects.

CAST Building Green Features

  • Geothermal Heat – 24 geothermal wells that go 500 feet into the ground using the earth’s temperature to heat and cool the building
  • Grey Water System – collecting the rain water for use in washrooms and for watering the green spaces
  • Solar Wall – using fresh air to cool the building, and the sun’s rays to heat it
  • Daylight Harvesting- a control system that reduces the use of artificial lighting in rooms where natural daylight is available
  • Green Roof- a roof that is covered in plants, which reduces storm water run-off, reduces heating/cooling, filters pollutants and becomes a natural habitat

For more information on other sustainable projects at Holland College, visit the Green Machine page.

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