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Employment Offerings

The following is a list of employment offerings at Holland College. All competitions are unrestricted and we would ask all qualified applicants to apply.  However, in keeping with the terms and provisions of the college's various employment and collective agreements, priority will be given to internal candidates.

Click the competition number for details.

Open Competitions

Competition Number Title/Description Application Review Date Date Posted
AE18-08 Transitions Mentor - Summerside Waterfront Campus Oct 21, 2018 Oct 15, 2018
18-57 RCW Learning Manager Oct 31, 2018 Oct 10, 2018
18-57 RCW Learning Manager/Clinical Coordination Oct 31, 2018 Oct 10, 2018

Closed Competitions

Competition Number Title/Description Successful Candidate
18-58 Service Worker Summerside Waterfront Campus Pending
AE18-07 GED Instructor, Summerside Pending
AE18-06 Transitions Mentor Team Lead - Alberton Pending
AE 18-05 Transitions Mentors - Alberton Pending
18-55 Early Childhood Educator Pending
AE18-04 Counsellor - Adult and Community Education John Beazley
18-53 Inclusion Support Assistant Pending
18-52 Counsellor Kate Robertson
A18-07 Banquet Captain and Trainer Pending
18-51 Service Worker - Residence Matthew Mahar
18-50 Lab Assistant - Environmental Applied Science Technology Program Ingrid Lozada
A18-06 Lab Assistants - Culinary Arts Program Paul Peters, Sean Burton
A18-05 Chef Instructor - A la Carte Production and Service Course Stephen Hunter
AE 18-03 Instructor - English for Academic Purposes Program Ross Reid
A18-03 Chef Instructor - Culinary Essentials Ilona Daniels
A18-04 Cafeteria Cashier Lynda MacQuarrie, Andrea Court
18-49 Sessional Instructors - Credit Courses All positions have been filled
18-40 Service Worker - Prince of Wales Campus Marlee MacDonald
18-41 Maintenance Craftsperson Ernie Gallant
18-46 Student Support Aide Kenzie MacIntyre; Leanne Laird
18-47 Recruitment Advisor (continuing) Bo Ford
18-48 Recruitment Advisor (term) James Mallard
18-44 Learning Manager - Aircraft Turbine Technician Program Ed Feehan
18-45 Lab Assistant - Heritage Retrofit Carpentry Program Trevor Young
A18-02 Kitchen Worker Jennifer Toole
18-42 Manager of Campus Projects Jonathan Barrett
EXT President Pending
18-43 Learning Manager - Accounting Technology Bobbie Jo Duffy
A18-01 Food Product Developer Vicki Leggo, Chelsea Meisner
18-37 Program Manager, Community Education Allison Doughart

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