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Employment Offerings

The following is a list of employment offerings at Holland College. All competitions are unrestricted and we would ask all qualified applicants to apply.  However, in keeping with the terms and provisions of the college's various employment and collective agreements, priority will be given to internal candidates.

Click the competition number for details.

Open Competitions

Competition Number Title/Description Application Review Date Date Posted
#16-41 Manager of Customized Training including the Marine and Agriculture Sectors Oct 3, 2016 Sep 22, 2016
#16-37 Paramedicine Lab Assistant Sep 30, 2016 Aug 11, 2016

Closed Competitions

Competition Number Title/Description Successful Candidate
#16-40 Campus Store Manager Pending
#16-39 Automotive Learning Manager Pending
AE#16-03 English Language Instructors Pending
#16-38 Administrative Support - Office of the President and Quality Office Andrew Large
16-36 Service Worker - Waterfront Campus Cody Longaphie
#A16-05 Core Instructor - Tourism and Culinary Centre Bryn MacCallum
#16-35 Administrative Support, Innovation, Enterprise and Strategic Development Shannon Byrnes
#16-34 Learning Manager - Legal Administration Program Jillian DesRoches
#16-33 Maintenance Craftsperson Pending
#A16-04 Lab Technician - Sport and Leisure Management Mitchell Clark
16-32 Lab Assistant - Bioscience Marla MacKenzie
#16-31 Sessional Instructors (Credit Courses) Pending
#A16-03 Information Technology Instructor - Tourism and Culinary Centre Amanda Purchase
#16-30 Lab Assistant - Medical Support Services Juliana MacEwen
#16-29 Recruitment Coordinator Jennifer Redmond
#16-26 Recruitment Advisor Michelle MacNeil
#16-27 Human Services Learning Manager Wendy Smith
16-28 Environmental Applied Science Technology Learning Manager Bryan Grimmelt
#16-25 Administrative Support, Learner Support Department Lynsey Bradley
16-23 Service Worker - Prince of Wales Campus Anne Dewar
16-24 Related Services Learning Manager Tammy Hill-Worth
16-22 Service Worker - Atlantic Police Academy Susan Peters
#16-21 Human Services Learning Manager Amanda Rollins-Cheverie
#16-20 Secretary, Health and Community Studies Samantha MacInnis
#16-19 Curriculum and Instructional Consultant Jennifer Connell
#16-18 Social Media Officer - Recruitment Robbie Doherty
A-16-02 Administrative Support - Tourism and Culinary Centre Sandra MacKenzie
#16-17 Curriculum & Instructional Consultant Rodney Moore
#16-16 Early Childhood Educator (Infant Care) Jennifer Whiten
#16-15 Sessional - Computer Aided Design (CAD) Pending

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