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Week of July 21, 2017

Prince of Wales Campus

Roofing work is in the final stages for the West Wing of Charlottetown Centre and Adult Education section of Montgomery Hall. Remaining work for Montgomery Hall is the metal fascia at the roof edge. For Charlottetown Centre the final layer of roofing is currently being installed then the metal fascia will be installed. There is about 2-3 weeks of work remaining.

Lintel replacement and repointing of masonry is complete for the Charlottetown Centre. The final piece of work for the masonry contractor is at the east and west wing entrances. For these three areas the deteriorated curved archway is being removed and replaced with new exterior insulation finish system (stucco looking).

Installation of the West Wing windows is near completion. The new windows for Samuel’s Campus Store and the Florence Simmons Performance Hall are set to take place the second week of August. All other remaining windows are set to be installed in the next couple of weeks.

Our summer painter has been busy at the Prince of Wales Campus. Many classrooms on campus have been given a fresh coat of paint.

Eight washrooms at the east Wing of Charlottetown Centre are being renovated. The work will include new flooring, new paint, new toilets and sinks, and new toilet partitions. We are working hard to complete the work as soon as possible, however, it is likely that the washrooms will not be ready at the beginning of the school year.

New porcelain tile flooring is also underway for many Holland College locations across the island. At the Prince of Wales Campus new flooring will make its way to several classrooms at both Charlottetown Centre and Montgomery Hall Adult Education.

Revitalization of the Culinary Institute of Canada

Lots of construction has occurred at the Culinary Institute of Canada in the past couple of weeks.

Work continues with the kitchen construction project. Most of the exterior of the addition is complete including roofing, windows, stucco, and metal siding. On the interior, roughing in work continues for the mechanical and electrical.

The main lobby of the Culinary Institute is undergoing a renovation. The work will include new porcelain tile flooring, painted walls, new lighting, and new millwork. As well, the Travel Store is relocating to beside the Security Desk. The vacated Travel Store will become a new ‘Grab n Go’ food service area. The ‘Grab n Go’ space will be completed later in the fall.

A new working kitchen is near completion in room 240. This room has been retrofitted with cooking equipment, refrigerators and workspace.

Other work includes:

Week of June 19, 2017

Revitalization of the Culinary Institute of Canada

There are no scheduled shut down of utilities planned for this week.

Primary construction activity is basically of work continuing from last week’s update. Work is starting at the third floor Boardroom area in which a new exit hall will be created.

The new elevator is in production. It is anticipated that starting approximately July 7, the contractor will start removing the existing elevator. When this work starts, there will be no passenger elevator until the end of August when the new one is installed.

Prince of Wales Campus

Roofing work continues for the West Wing of Charlottetown Centre and Adult Education section of Montgomery Hall.

Masonry work is progressing well at the West wing. The major restoration work at the Grafton Street side of the West Wing is near completion.

The window effort for Charlottetown continues. The final touches for the East Wing windows are underway and the remainder of the Early Learning Centre windows will be installed after business hours. Installation of the West Wing windows will start this week.

Painting work last week and this week include Charlottetown Centre West Wing rooms 204, 207, 202 229 repair damaged sections of walls and repaint. As well, the hallway area outside 20w and 21w was painted last week.
Cleaning of the radiators continues at Montgomery Hall. To date the Adult Education wing is complete as well as level two, three and four of the Administration wing. The ground floor of the Administration wing will be complete this week.

Week of June 15, 2017

Prince of Wales Campus

Holland College campus in Charlottetown gets $4.6 million in upgrades. Click here for the full story.

Week of June 12, 2017

Prince of Wales Campus

Roofing work is starting this week. The work will include roof replacement of the Adult Education section of Montgomery Hall and most areas of the West wing of Charlottetown Centre. Contractor Evolution Roofing will mobilize on the site Monday, June 12. The roof work is expected to take 3-4 weeks.

Masonry work is progressing well at the West wing. The contractor is approaching the Kent Street end of the building.

The window effort at the East Wing is nearing completion. The Contractor expects to be complete of the East Wing at the end of June. The first work at the West Wing will be the replacement of the Florence Simmons Performance Hall windows.

Painting work this week includes The President’s Office (285 Kent Street) and SOPA building at 275 Kent Street.

Cleaning of the radiators continues at Montgomery Hall. Later this week we expect to start radiator cleaning of the Culinary Institute of Canada.

Week of June 5, 2017

Revitalization of the Culinary Institute of Canada

There are no scheduled shut down of utilities planned for this week.

Primary construction activity this week includes:

We are pleased to announce that coming this summer will be the installation of a new elevator. The existing passenger elevator will be removed and replaced with a new faster and reliable elevator. It is anticipated that there will be no passenger elevator service starting July 7 and ending September 1. It is possible these dates will change and we will post schedule updates throughout the summer.

Prince of Wales Campus

Masonry work continues at the West Wing. The work required facing Grafton Street is more extensive than some other parts of the building and will require more time.

The window effort at the East Wing is nearing completion. The Contractor expects to be complete of the East Wing at the end of June. The first work at the West Wing will be the replacement of the Florence Simmons Performance Hall windows.

Painting continues at the Centre for Community Engagement. This week’s schedule includes classroom 312, the dance studio and touch ups in the gym.

Cleaning of the radiators continues at the Prince of Wales Campus with Sam now focused on the Adult Education space of Montgomery Hall.

Week of May 29, 2017

Prince of Wales Campus

Masonry work continues at the West Wing. The Contractors are working away at the Grafton Street side of the West Wing and coming up Weymouth Street.

The window effort continues at the East Wing. The windows facing the Early Learning Centre are installed and the staging has been removed. Once the planned shed building is placed, the exterior play space will be back in business.

Painting last week focused on the walking track of the Centre for Community Engagement. This week Spenser is working away at the hallways of the CCE.

Cleaning of the radiators continues with Sam working away at the East Wing of Charlottetown Centre.

Revitalization of the Culinary Institute of Canada

On Monday, May 29, the City of Charlottetown boardwalk near the Culinary Institute of Canada was closed for the day. This was necessary to allow the installation of the structural steel for the dining room addition. The closure was coordinated with the City of Charlottetown Parks and Recreation Department.

There are no scheduled shut down of utilities planned for this week.

Primary work this week includes:

Photo of the structural steel for the dining room addition

Week of May 22, 2017

Revitalization of the Culinary Institute of Canada

There are no scheduled shut down of utilities planned for this week.

Primary work this week includes:

Prince of Wales Campus

Masonry work continues at the West Wing. The Contractors are making good progress with both of the courtyard sections well underway.

The window effort continues at the East Wing with the windows at the Early Learning Centre their primary focus.

Our painter has been busy. He started two weeks ago. Last week he painted all the risers of the stairs at the Centre for Applied Science and Technology. This week he has moved to the Centre for Community Engagement. The first painting work was the risers of the stairs. He will focus the next few days on the Walking Track and hallways.

Cleaning of the radiators began last week. She began in the East Wing focusing on rooms where there is other work, namely window replacement, going on at the same time.

Week of May 15, 2017

Revitalization of the Culinary Institute of Canada

The past few weeks have been a busy time for the Culinary Institute Kitchen Revitalization construction project. The academic school year finished at the end of April. At that time, we were able to clean out the kitchens. This included packing away all the equipment and items to be reused in the renovated spaces and removing all the remaining equipment.

This allowed the demolition phase of the construction project to start. Demolition is now in full swing. Most of the construction work has been tendered. The electrical and mechanical contractors have started their work. The addition to the building is closed in and weather tight.

There are no scheduled shut down of utilities planned for this week.

The picture above shows the Lucy Maud kitchen looking quite different after a few weeks of demolition.

In other parts of the Culinary Institute of Canada there are other construction projects happening as well. Some of the work includes:

Prince of Wales Campus

It has been a busy few weeks at Charlottetown Centre. Masonry work and window replacement projects are well underway. The Early Learning Centre has closed the exterior playground during the month of May for the construction activity.

The weather has not been overly cooperative but West Masonry Ltd. Has been able to make significant progress. They started at the East Wing the latter part of April. To date all of the lintel work for the East Wing has been completed. As well, much of the masonry repointing is complete. Remaining masonry work includes installation of brick (at lintels), repointing, and washing the brick. The masonry work for the East Wing is expected to be complete by the end of next week (May 19). The masonry Contractor plans to start work at the West Wing late this week.

Regarding the windows, installation has begun at the East Wing. For the remainder of the month of May the window contractor will focus their efforts on the windows related to the Early Learning Centre exterior playground.

As noted previously, please keep windows closed during the construction activity.

There is roof replacement work scheduled for the West Wing of Charlottetown Centre. Evolution Roofing was the successful bidder and the work is scheduled to start the second week of June. Evolution Roofing will also be replacing the roof at the Adult Education section of Montgomery Hall.

We have hired a painter for the summer months. He started this week with some painting projects in Charlottetown Centre. In the coming weeks he will likely be in most buildings of the Prince of Wales Campus.

Starting next week, we have hired someone to clean the radiators at Charlottetown Centre. This initiative will improve the efficiency of the heating system.

Some other projects include:

Photo of Charlottetown Centre East Wing

Week of April 17, 2017

We are about to start major construction work at Charlottetown Centre East wing and West wing. All of the windows will be replaced. As well the exterior masonry will be repointed and window lintels replaced on the top floor windows.

The general plan is to focus initially at the East wing and move to the West wing. At times the work will be noisy.

The masonry contractor is West Masonry. They will be on site starting Tuesday April 18. The first few days will be setting up staging. We will endevour to minimize disruption during class time between now until the end of the normal school year (April 30).
The window contractor is O’Connor Glass and window installation will start early May.

We need to start the work at these times in order to achieve our schedule goals of having all the work complete before the start of the September school year.

Please keep windows closed during the construction activity.

Note: there will not be any window or masonry work happening at the central wing (CLFI) however it may be noisy at times when construction activity is happening in adjacent areas.

This is an important project for Charlottetown Centre and we thank you for your cooperation

Revitalization of the Culinary Institute of Canada

March 28th, 2017

Funding through the Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund has allowed for the exciting project of revitalizing The Culinary Institute of Canada. The expansion and enhancements will build on the unique culture of the institute while enabling and supporting the implementation of planned new culinary curriculum and experiential learning opportunities, better preparing students in a high-quality, high-volume environment, modelled on and adaptable to modern culinary technology, standards, trends, and industry expectations. Planning for this renovation and expansion project began in 2015, and construction started in the fall of 2016. The project will be complete by October 2017.

The building is comprised of the original structure built in 1959, a dining room addition constructed in 1997 and Canada’s Smartest Kitchen, constructed in 2008. The revitalization project involves renovating approximately 8,500 sq. ft. of kitchen space, and integrating more than $1.8 million in modern and emerging culinary technologies, ensuring that our students train and innovate in the most industry-relevant environment prevalent in today’s kitchens.

The project also includes a 2,850 sq. ft. expansion to the first-floor kitchen that will incorporate a state-of-the-art, temperature controlled butchery, and a cold cuisine production and innovation kitchen, broadening the scope of learning for our students. For the upper level, the project includes an approximately 2,000 sq. ft. expansion to the experiential learning dining room, and a complete redesign of both the student-operated dining room and cafeteria training spaces to mirror the designs of modern food service operations, transitioning both areas to more open and engaging platforms to enrich the educational interaction between students and customers during food preparation.

The renovation and expansion will incorporate modern building techniques and materials, and the latest energy-efficient culinary equipment.

The Architect for the project is Architecture49 and the Construction Manager is Brighton Construction Inc.

Concept Image of Dining Room Expansion

Concept Image of Dining Room Expansion

Concept Image of Cafeteria Market

Concept Image of Cafeteria Market

Summer 2016.

295 Kent Street – College Collège de l’Île

Summer 2016 saw a total transformation of 295 Kent Street.

Holland College purchased the property a few years ago with plans to restore the building, which was built in the early 1900’s. The property is at the corner of Cumberland and Kent streets and is an important part of the Prince of Wales Campus.

In the fall of 2015 Holland College and College Collège de l’Île formed a partnership to allow students to pursue their studies in both English and French. The building at 295 Kent emerged as the perfect fit College Collège de l’Île’s presence on the Prince of Wales Campus.

The building was stripped down to its bare wood frame. It was upgraded with insulation, energy efficient windows, new finishes, new electrical wiring, video conferencing and mechanical ventilation while at the same time maintaining and enhancing the historical architectural details of the building. As well as the structure upgrades, the interior spaces were reconfigured to suit the needs of Collège de l’Île staff and students. W.D. Lawrence was the architect for the project and Sperra Construction Group was general contractor. The construction work started in June 2016 and was completed at the end of September 2016.





For more information check out the news articles below:



Performance Hall Project Construction Update

Monday November 02, 2015.

The Holland College performing arts hall almost ready! Check out the full story presented by CBC news.

Monday September 14, 2015.

Work has started on the exterior upgrades of the Weymouth Street entrance. This piece of construction work involves new steps and ramp to the main door, new sidewalk to the street complete with lights and benches. As well there will be a brick gateway at Weymouth Street. During the next several weeks of this construction work, there will be limited access to the Weymouth Street entrance. Students and staff are asked to use alternate entrances and exits.

The west wing women’s second level washroom continues to be not useable while construction work continues in the space. The men’s washroom will be operational later this week.

Monday August 31, 2015.

While construction work on the Performance Hall project will continue into the fall, school operations at Charlottetown Centre will operate as usual.

The work in the hallways of the west wing are essentially complete. Work will now focus on the Performance Hall space. Openings from the hall to the space will be closed off to minimize dust and noise.

The west wing second level female washroom will not be useable for the next few weeks as the contractors will be working on the mechanical ductwork above the ceiling in the washroom.

The next phase of the work will be upgrading the exterior grounds of the Weymouth Street entrance.

Monday July 27, 2015.

View of performance Hall steel stepped seating

The structural steel trade package is complete while electrical, mechanical and architectural contractors continue on site.

In the theatre, the concrete installation at the stepped seating is underway.

The sprinkler contractor continues to install in the west wing corridors.

Monday June 15, 2015.

The structural steel trade package is well underway. The catwalk is complete. They are now focusing on the stepped seating. An email was sent out Monday June 15 informing Charlottetown Centre staff of this phase of construction that will create periods of noisy activity off and on during the coming week.

The mechanical trade package was awarded to Bevan Bros. The electrical trade package was awarded to Hansen’s Electric and the architectural trade package was awarded to Williams Murphy & McLeod.

Various parts of Charlottetown Centre will be affected by construction activity through the summer months. We will try to keep this construction update current on affected areas but ask anyone in the building to be mindful of the work going on. A couple of items to note:
• The west wing main floor washrooms will be upgraded as part of the project and therefore will be out of service starting next week.
• A sprinkler system will be installed for the west wing corridors on all 3 levels. Contractors will be in these corridors extensively.

Monday May 18, 2015.

The demolition and asbestos abatement trade packages are complete.

The structural steel tender closed and was awarded to Livingston Steel Inc. They have been on site a few times gearing up for the project. Construction activity for this work will likely start Monday May 25.

The electrical and mechanical trade packages are currently out to tender. These tenders close next week.

Monday April 27, 2015.

The demolition work for the project is near complete. The old gym is looking quite different these days. The stage has been removed as well as a massive chimney at the back wall of the stage area. The entire ceiling above the stage has been removed. Also removed are the metal grilles covering the windows, the tile flooring, second level rooms 221w and 223w, and the gym score board.

The next phase of work is selected asbestos abatement of the curved ceiling that will see a certified contractor safely make the necessary modifications to the affected ceiling structure. The West Wing of Charlottetown Centre was constructed in 1932 and like many buildings constructed during this time period, asbestos products were often used in building assemblies. In the performance hall space, the plaster of the curved ceiling contains asbestos.

Asbestos poses health risks only when fibres are present in the air that people breathe. The fibres can be released when the material is cut or damaged. In order to transform the old gym into a new performance space the design consultants have identified locations in the ceiling that need to be cut for access to the structure above the ceiling. Once work is complete any asbestos in the ceiling (comprised of stable solid building materials) will not be released into the air and hence, does not pose health risk.

Maddix Contracting was awarded the contract for this trade package. They are a certified asbestos abatement contractor and are actively working with the Occupational Health & Safety Officer and complying with all applicable regulations. For more information on asbestos please consider the following links:

(1) http://www.ccohs.ca/products/publications/pdf/samples/school.pdf
(2) http://www2.epa.gov/asbestos/protect-your-family
(3) http://www.ccohs.ca/oshanswers/chemicals/asbestos/control.html
(4) http://www.wcb.pe.ca/Workplace/OHSActAndRegulations

The structural steel trade package will be going out to tender this week. This will be followed by architectural, mechanical and electrical.

Monday March 30, 2015.

It’s official! Our new performance hall has a name:

The “Florence Simmons Performance Hall” is named to honor the generosity of its lead donor, Ms. Florence Simmons, a PWC alumna from the 1930’s.

Check out the article on a recent Benchmark publication: http://www.hollandcollege.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/HCollege-Benchmark-Fall-2013.pdf

The demolition work is in full swing. We have tried to minimize use of 81w and 82w, during this phase of construction activity, as the demolition work may at times be disruptive to classwork in those spaces. Thanks to the instructors and students who have relocated to alternate rooms.

There is some upcoming removal of concrete which requires jack hammering and might be somewhat noisy. The contractors plan to start this work on Monday April 6 (Easter Monday, no classes); however, the contractors anticipate that work to take more than one day. We will monitor the work after Monday and continue to work with staff to minimize disruption as much as possible.

This demolition work is expected to be complete by mid-April. We would like to thank the instructors, staff and students who have been very cooperative and accommodating during this phase of the construction project.

Monday March 16, 2015.

The demolition trade package for the Performance Hall construction project was awarded to WM&M (1993) Ltd. The demolition work has started this week and we anticipate the work to take 3-4 weeks. We will try to do as much as possible over the March break however the weather continues to be not very cooperative.

Monday March 2, 2015.

The demolition trade package for the Performance Hall construction project is now out for pricing. The tender will close next week and we anticipate being able to award to a contractor shortly after.

To minimize noise and dust, we have closed off the construction area (the old gym) from the remainder of Charlottetown Centre. The doorways on both levels have been blocked off.

As well, this week we are constructing a new access for contractor use during the construction period. We have removed one of the large windows to the old gym and have installed a door. The access will be completed with the construction of steps and plowing the snow to provide truck access from Grafton Street.

Monday February 9, 2015.

The construction work for the new location of the bookstore is complete. With their new permanent location, comes a new name. There was a contest to rename the bookstore and the winning name was “Samuel’s Campus Store”. We look forward to their opening in the next coming weeks.

The design team have been busy finalizing plans for the Performance Hall. We anticipate the demolition tender package to go out for bidding next week.

Before any construction activity begins, we will close off the doorway openings to the main hall (on both levels) to minimize noise and dust. As well, we will be constructing an exterior stair access for contractors use near the entrance to MacKinnon Lecture Theatre.

Monday January 19, 2015.

Last week we were very fortunate to have John Avery, Director of Production & Production Training from the Theatre Arts Department at the Banff Centre, visit Holland College. John graduated from Holland College’s Electronics Engineering program in 1977 and in 2008 he was the recipient of a Holland College Distinguished Alumni Award.

John toured the future home of the Performance Hall with the Facilities team and School of Performing Arts team Maria Driscoll, Peggy Reddin and Alan Dowling. As well, the architectural team showed John the plans for the new space. John’s enthusiasm for the project and expertise he brought to the discussion were very much appreciated.

The High Performance Training Centre has relocated to their new location.

The construction activities for the new Bookstore are near complete. The last item is flooring installation which is underway this week.

Monday January 12, 2015.

The Computer Services Department is up and running in their permanent location. They are located in the Centre for Applied Science and Technology building lower level room 024. If you are in the area drop by and say “hello”.

As well, the High Performance Training Centre will be relocating from the old gym to their new location this week. The Centre will be located in Charlottetown Centre lower level west wing (old location of Bookstore).

Renovations continue for the new location of the Bookstore. The walls are painted and lights are in the process of installation. New flooring is planned to start early next week.

The designers and consulting team continue to work out the details of the Performance Hall project.

Monday January 5, 2015.

Significant construction activity took place during the holiday season when the college was closed and continues into January 2015.

The mail room in Charlottetown Centre has relocated to 78E which is lower level east wing near the First Aid and Nurse Practitioner Room.

The new home for Computer Services in the lower level of the Centre for Applied Science & Technology building is near complete. Those folks are expected to relocate to their permanent location in the next week.

The new home for the High Performance Training Centre will be in the lower level of Charlottetown Centre west wing where the Bookstore used to be located. Most of the construction activity for this space is complete and we expect the Centre to be relocated in the next week or so.

The new home for the Bookstore will be Charlottetown Centre west wing main floor where Computer Services used to be located. Construction activity is well underway.

As well there have been some modifications to the Student Services area located in Charlottetown Centre west wing main level. The Recruitment team will be moving into this area and sharing the space with the Academic Support team.

There was a RFP for Consulting Services for the design of the Performance Hall project. We are happy to announce that local architectural firm W.D. Lawrence Architecture Inc. was awarded the project.

Monday December 15, 2014.

Construction activity in rooms 024 and 025 in Centre for Applied Science & Technology building is well underway. Walls are constructed and drywall installation in complete. Seam filling will start this week. Construction of a storage area in the loading dock space will start later this week as well.

Demolition activities are well underway in the old bookstore space. Remaining walls to be demolished are the masonry walls. This demolition is somewhat noisy and will be done after students leave for Christmas break.

The mail room in Charlottetown Centre will be relocating to 78E. The renovation to this room is near complete and the new mail room will be up and running after Christmas break.

Monday December 8, 2014.

There was a Town Hall meeting on Friday, December 5th  for students and staff to learn more about the project.
Construction activity (Brighton Construction) will start this week in Charlottetown Centre room 78E. Part of 78E will be converted into the new mail room for Charlottetown Centre.

Demolition activities in the lower level Charlottetown Centre (old Bookstore space) is planned to start in the next few days.
As well, construction activity will start Centre for Applied Science & Technology building converting rooms 024 and 025 into the new space for Computer Services.

You are invited to visit the page for weekly updates.

Thursday December 4, 2014.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the commencement of transforming our existing Charlottetown Centre gymnasium into a state of the art 300 seat Performance Hall.  The future Performance Hall will play an integral role not only within Holland College, but will also serve as a positive community asset.

The Performance Hall will be used for the following functions:
Musical performances, from our School of Performance Arts, the Holland College Welshmen Community Band, and other exciting tours and special events.
– Dance and theatre performances,
– Lecture and special presentation events;
– Graduation ceremonies;
– Movie night events for our students;

For those of us who learn and work in the Charlottetown Centre, we should recognize that we walk the halls in the most historic block of post-secondary education in Prince Edward Island.  As such the Performance Hall project will acknowledge and celebrate the rich history of the Prince of Wales Campus.  This will be accomplished by reinvigorating the front formal entry on Weymouth Street both inside the building and through the grounds, as well as retaining as much of the architectural detailing and character in the Performance Hall where possible.
This $2.6 million dollar project will commence in full swing in January 2015, and we are targeting to have the Performance Hall open for September 2015.  While there are a series of moves taking place over the upcoming weeks the most significant adjustments include:
– The High Performance Centre will be moving from the existing gymnasium to the Bookstore (lower level west wing) as well as room 311 of the Centre for Community Engagement,
– The Bookstore will be moving to the Computer Services area on the main level of the west wing.  A temporary bookstore is now open for business in this location.
– The Computer Services group will be moving to the CAST facility rooms 24 and 25.  Your Program Manager will consult in the days ahead of any students whose computer lab booking may be changed as a result.
In an effort to keep students and staff fully up to speed on planned construction activities, we will be providing weekly updates, beginning next week, via our Campus Development web page (http://www.hollandcollege.com/campus-development/).  These updates will detail what tasks that are scheduled for the week, identifying any disruptive tasks are scheduled, and what action steps the Construction team are taking to mitigate any disruptions to our students.  During the remainder of the academic year, the Construction team are planning to use a direct entrance into the gymnasium from the rooftop level adjacent the Cafeteria area in an effort to minimally disrupt the day to day operations of the school.

We would also extend an invitation to all students and staff who may want to learn more about the Performance Hall project to attend a Town Hall meeting on Friday, December 5th at 3 pm in room 81W of the Charlottetown Centre.  In addition please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at any time.

Phase I: Construction of the Centre for Applied Science and Technology

In total, Holland College received $17 million, $8.5 million from the federal Knowledge Infrastructure Program and $8.5 million from the Province of Prince Edward Island. The funding was used to improve program offerings, research, and collaboration capability in the area of science and technology through the construction of the CAST building.

The centre has a lower level and three floors, in total, 52,400 square feet. Construction was completed in time for the 2011/2012 school year.

Programs in the CAST building include Architectural Technology Bioscience Technology, Construction Technology, Environmental Applied Science Technology, and Wildlife Conservation Technology, Practical Nursing, Paramedicine, and new programs in Heritage Retrofit Carpentry and Energy Systems Engineering Technology. Annually, an additional 280 students now have access to even greater opportunities for advanced skills development.

Phase II: Construction of the Centre for Community Engagement, expansion of Glendenning Hall, and renovation of the Charlottetown Centre, creation of more green space.

The Government of PEI is investing up to $20 million in the expansion, which includes the $8.5 million provincial matching of the KIP award. The total provincial investment will depend upon the success of Holland College in acquiring matching funds from other levels of government, industry partners and the college’s own capital campaign.

Centre for Community Engagement

Over the last number of years, Holland College has developed an increasing number of programs that focus on human wellness, physical health and well-being, and healthy relationships, including relationships with each other and relationships with the institutions which affect our lives. Practical Nursing, Dental Assisting, Paramedicine, Sport and Leisure Management, Early Childhood Care and Education and Human Services are all programs which centre on health, well-being, and human relationships and interactions with each other. In each of these programs, Holland College has adopted a more holistic approach to curriculum, instruction and on-site training, emphasizing prevention, education and action in keeping with a ‘wellness’ model of healthcare.

In addition to providing a site for student engagement through varsity and recreational athletic and fitness activities, the CCE will also offer a range of services to residents of the city which will enable and encourage them to learn all they can about what contributes to their health and well-being to help them make informed choices.

The Centre for Community Engagement opened in the fall of 2011.

Expansion of Glendenning Hall

The expansion of Glendenning Hall was completed in time for the beginning of the 2010/2011 school year in September. The expansion allowed the residence to almost double the number of students it could accommodate.

Creation of green space

A quadrangle bordered by the CAST building, the Centre for Community Engagement, Glendenning Hall, and Grafton Street as been created. The focal point of the green space will be a replica of the sundial presented to Dartmouth College, located in Hanover, New Hampshire, by the college’s namesake, Samuel Holland. A small outdoor amphitheatre has been constructed at the side of the CAST Centre where small concerts and ceremonies can be held.

Renovation of the Charlottetown Centre

The Charlottetown Centre, which was once the Prince of Wales College, opened in 1933. It was built on the site of the previous Prince of Wales College, which was demolished after being severely damaged by a fire in 1932.

The building will be extensively renovated in order to enhance and restore the more than 70-year-old building’s architecture, while ensuring that it meets the demands of 21st century classrooms and learning labs.

The renovations are now underway.

140 Weymouth Street  •  Charlottetown, PE  •  Canada  •  C1A 4Z1  •  info@hollandcollege.com  •  1-800-446-5265