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BAD | Hurricanes finish third at ACAA event in Halifax

January 17, 2017





It was a tale of opposites for the ‘Canes this weekend in Halifax for the third ACAA badminton event of the season hosted by the UKC Blue Devils.

Participating teams in the event were the Mount Allison Mounties, UKC Blue Devils, Dal AC Rams and Université de Sainte-Anne Dragons as well as the Hurricanes.

On Friday the event began with singles play featuring Emma Hughes and Maggie Renouf representing the Hurricanes women while Josh Watkins and Eric Renouf played for the men.

Hughes picked up four straight singles A victories as did Renouf in singles B action to give the Hurricanes a combined twenty points in women’s singles play; the Hurricanes were the only undefeated team in women’s singles competition.

In men’s singles A, Watkins fell in his four matches while Renouf picked up a win over USA to go along with three losses in singles B play. The Hurricanes earned a combined four points in men’s singles competition.

Saturday was a new day for the ‘Canes as they entered doubles play in Halifax.

Women’s doubles A featured Hughes and Kristyn Visser partner up for four straight wins while doubles B saw Juana Zhang and Rachel Wang defeat UKC and USA before dropping games to Mount Allison and Dal AC.

In women’s doubles action the ‘Canes earned a total of fifteen points while Mount Allison finished with seventeen points.

In men’s doubles A play Jonah Wilton and Larry Liang went 1-3 earning a win over USA while Watkins and Jordan Wisener picked up wins over UKC and Dal AC. In total the ‘Canes earned eight points in men’s doubles play and in a tie for second with UKC, USA and Dal AC.

Finally mixed doubles action took center stage as Liang and Visser competed in category A for the ‘Canes and Wilton and Zhang in category B.

A win over USA by Liang and Visser was all the ‘Canes could muster while Wilton and Zhang fared slightly better, earning two wins over UKC and USA.

Five points for the ‘Canes positioned them in third when mixed doubles play was completed.

A total of 55 points for the Holland Hurricanes after two days of competition had them finish in a tie for second with the Dal AC Rams; they would be listed as finishing in third after a tiebreaker.

The Mount Allison Mounties were the event winners with a total of 83 points while UKC finished fourth with 35 and the Université de Sainte-Anne Dragons in fifth with 32.

The Hurricanes will return to the court this weekend in Truro, NS when the Dal AC Rams host the fourth ACAA event of the season.

Here is a full breakdown of the weekend matches.

Women’s A singles Emma Hughes (4-0, 10 pts)
MTA W, 15-13, 15-7
UKC W, 15-13, 7-15, 11-9
Dal AC W, 15-8, 15-11
USA W, 4-15, 16-14, 11-6


Women’s B singles Maggie Renouf (4-0, 10 pts)
MTA W, 15-13, 15-10
UKC W, 15-9, 15-7
Dal AC W, 12-15, 15-5, 11-9
USA W, 15-8, 15-11


Men’s A singles Josh Watkins (0-4, 1 pts)
MTA L, 9-15, 7-15
UKC L, 5-15, 9-15
Dal AC L, 8-15, 12-15
USA L, 6-15, 8-15


Men’s B singles Eric Renouf (1-3, 3 pts)
MTA L, 6-15, 1-15
UKC L, 11-15, 16-14, 9-11
Dal AC L, 11-15, 3-15
USA W, 15-10, 15-3


Women’s A doubles Emma Hughes & Kristyn Visser (4-0, 10 pts)
MTA W, 15-8, 15-3
UKC W, 15-3, 15-5
Dal AC W, 15-6, 15-13
USA W, 15-12, 15-6


Women’s B doubles Juana Zhang & Rachel Wang (2-2, 5 pts)
MTA L, 3-15, 13-15
UKC W, 15-3, 15-8
Dal AC L, 6-15, 15-12, 13-15
USA W, 15-12, 15-13


Men’s A doubles Jonah Wilton & Larry Liang (1-3, 3 pts)
MTA L, 5-15, 7-15
UKC L, 13-15, 9-15
Dal AC L, 14-16, 16-18
USA W, 15-13, 8-15, 15-9


Men’s B doubles Josh Watkins & Jordan Wisener (2-2, 5 pts)
MTA L, 15-11, 14-16, 10-15
UKC W, 15-8, 15-3
Dal AC W, 2-15, 16-15, 15-13
USA L, 10-15, 15-4, 6-15


Mixed A doubles Larry Liang & Kristyn Visser (1-3, 3 pts)
MTA L, 13-15, 17-15, 10-15
UKC L, 14-16, 9-15
Dal AC L, 5-15, 9-15
USA W, 15-9, 13-15, 15-9


Mixed B doubles Jonah Wilton & Juana Zhang (2-2, 5 pts)
MTA L, 8-15, 15-8, 7-15
UKC W, 15-6, 15-10
Dal AC L, 11-15, 13-15
USA W, 15-6, 15-9


Final Team Standings
W Singles 14 2 8 8 20
M Singles 20 12 10 6 4
W Doubles 17 2 12 6 15
M Doubles 20 8 8 8 8
Mix Doubles 12 11 17 4 8
Total 83 35 55 32 55

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