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Assessment Services

Assessment Services is a confidential, client-focused resource that provides provincewide service to adult individuals and groups. Adults who have a history of difficulty in school can be evaluated before personal and financial resources are invested. This better ensures a successful outcome to career and training action plans. Staff members are master and doctoral degree level professionals who specialize in psychological and educational assessment, counseling and education.

The service provides a wide range of assessment tools to address the specific needs of clients. Assessment Services provides specialized assessments that are multi-dimensional and flexible; offers a mobile service; complements existing services; provides follow-up counseling; assists with the development of individualized learning plans; arranges referrals to appropriate service agencies based upon assessment results; maintains private and confidential records; and provides one on one or group assessments, depending upon need.

Our core offerings include:

  • Diagnostic (Psycho-educational) Assessments
  • Career Assessments and Career Planning
  • Assessment for specific professions

Other available services include:

  • Consultation
  • Customized Services such as workshops
  • English Proficiency Testing (CanTEST Placement Version)
  • Group Testing
  • Personnel Selection
  • Invigilation
  • Admissions Testing  (Test of Workplace Essential Skills – TOWES)
  • Test of Workplace Essential Skills  – TOWES

The goal of these services is to identify individuals’ strengths and interests in order to enhance educational, career, and personal goals.

Online resources:

Core offerings

Diagnostic (Psycho-educational) Assessment

A diagnostic assessment is undertaken when a learning disability is suspected or when significant learning difficulties are noted. These assessments vary, based on background information and the nature of the referral question, and may include measures of cognitive ability (intelligence), achievement (academic abilities), memory, reading and visual perceptual skills.

A diagnostic assessment consists of three to six meetings with a diagnostic examiner. The sessions last between one and three hours. Diagnostic examiners are trained and qualified to administer, score and interpret psychological and educational test batteries. A detailed report is composed and a feedback session arranged to discuss the results, interpretation and recommendations with clients and their referral sources.

Career Assessment

The purpose of a career assessment is to examine dimensions of careers and career traits in reference to client traits to help facilitate good career choices. The assessment may address career interests, aptitudes, personality, achievement level, and work values, depending upon the referral.

The process generally consists of one to three meetings with an examiner, and the client completes a number of inventories outside of the sessions. The sessions last between one and three hours. Reports and feedback sessions are arranged to facilitate understanding and promote action.

Assessment for specific professions

These services are reserved for individuals or organizations that are seeking a candidate with highly specific sets of skills and personal characteristics. Though capacity in this domain can be expanded, the current area of expertise is in identifying those who would most likely be able to perform successfully in fields where public safety issues are of significant concern, such as policing services, armed emergency response teams, armed security personnel and conservation officers.

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