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Social Innovation Pillar

Youth 059The Social Innovation pillar supports applied research projects which further knowledge and practice in social development, education, literacy, and skills development. The Social Innovation pillar also supports policy development in various government programs and initiatives designed to develop community capacity and prosperity. While technology can be a vital aspect of these projects, the focus is on quality of life improvements for individuals, and communities through partnerships, best practice models, and other tools for improvement of educational, employment, and social opportunities. Social Innovation research at Holland College provides information on current social data and trends, urgently required for policy and program development. We develop data collection methods and tools that help shape the futures of the population affected by social policy, including both physical and mental health, family life, housing and employment. Our focus is P.E.I. and its residents, but the exploration and improvement of the Atlantic region and of Canada are included in our vision and our approach.

Research areas include:

  • Early childhood learning
  • Teaching and learning excellence
  • Program evaluation
  • Literacy and essential skills development

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