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Margaret McCain "Putting Knowledge into Action" Scholarship

Criteria: The recipient will be a second-year student in good standing in the Early Childhood Care and Education program who has successfully completed all first-year course and practicum requirements. The recipient will: a)demonstrate leadership in programs or initiatives supporting young children and their families, and; b)demonstrate community and/or volunteer involvement with organizations or initiatives that support young children and their families. Students must apply for the scholarship. Applications must include a biographical outline together with written responses to question #1 below and their choice of question #2, 3 or 4. Questions 1.What are the personal and professional contributions you intend to make to the early childhood sector over the next 5 to 10 years? 2.How do you see a childÂ’s experiences in the early years impacting them throughout his/her life? 3.What role do you believe an early childhood educator plays in the care and education of a young child and his/her family? 4.In what ways would you suggest the early childhood sector could improve in order to enhance the outcomes for children in the future?

Applies to: Early Childhood Care and Education

Internal or External Amount Deadline Type
internal $1000 November 1 enrolled

Award details subject to change.

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