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Applied Research

Holland College named in Top 50 Research list

Holland College has been named one of Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges again this year by Research Infosource Inc.

Leading growth in colleges in the Atlantic region, Holland College’s applied research revenue increased 33 per cent last year, moving it from number 36 to number 32 in the country on the top 50 list. Of all Canada’s medium-sized colleges, Holland College finished second in the country for the number of research projects it undertook, fourth in the country for the number of paid student researchers it hired, and ninth in the country for its number of collaborations with industry and the amount of research income generated from industry.

Holland College partners with industry to solve problems or take advantage of market opportunities by developing new products, processes or services. Existing technology may be used in new ways, or new technology may be developed. These projects enhance the quality of college programs while providing valuable support to companies in Atlantic Canada.

The college provides subject matter expertise, lab and workshop space, assistance in the preparation of research funding proposals, equipment, and project management support, while industry partners provide guidance, expertise, and financial support. Students gain invaluable problem-solving skills and interact with industry partners, while college faculty remain closely connected to industry trends, and receive important professional development.

“Applied research at Holland College supports industry innovation in the Atlantic region. The value of these partnerships is reaffirmed by the college’s continued growth and its ranking in the top 10 in the country. We look forward to building upon these relationships and supporting industry led research initiatives,” said Dr. Sandy MacDonald, Vice President of Academic and Applied Research.

Applied research involves over 15 unique programs at Holland College, as well as Canada’s Smartest Kitchen, the college’s food product research and development center and NSERC Technology Access Center, which continues to play a significant role in supporting industry through applied research.

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